Update all senses

I loved the article “Il faticoso aggiornamento dell’Homo Tecnologicus” in English “The arduous update of Homo Tecnologicus” written by Stefano Massini Repubblica June 22. This is my translation of part of it.

A few hours are required to update a computer’s software. Let’s not talk about smartphones: just a few minutes. It is a pity that it does not work for the human beings. 

The update (understood as a new tuning in to reality, correcting errors and alleged dogmas) costs the children of Adam time and effort. fvar more than just a click. 

The technological devices do not have psychologies, and as such do not resist updating in the motivation “my convictions may be wrong but they are part of me”.

So we are all backward, stuck in the past, encrusted in a block of certainties that we conceive as one with our identity. 

…. There is no operating system that does not end up crashing without the periodic update: what causes the so-called crash is the fact that the machine no longer dialogues with the outside, the files are missing, it does not recognize the languages.  In the end it is the same thing that happens to the Homo Sapiens Tecnologicus: closing the mind to external stimuli means neither more nor less isolating oneself. “

Stefano concludes his article writing 

“download the updates. In all senses.”