Corpus Domini


Today June 23 is Corpus Domini. This day made me reflect on the value of the Eucharist. I share in this post my experience of this sacrament.

I have written before about the Last Supper and what is the  meaning of it, as I understand it. You find this post in

A few thoughts about the Sacrament

I liked to participate in the Mass Choir in Kristus Konungen, Göteborg. the Eucharist in the Swedish church has always a moment of silence where the choir is able to take the Comunion.

For some reason it is not possible to take the Holy Comunion if you participate in the Choir here on Lipari. I had to choose. I choosed not to be part of the choir, to be able to take the Comunion. Why?  Because I need the Eucharist.

The Comunion is important for me. It is for me like Jesus wanted, a moment to be with God and Jesus “eat in his remembrance” and to feel its presence in its temple, our human body created by God as its image.

How many time have I not had strong feelings of love, during the moment I take the bread and after. 

Jesus said that the Bread of Jesus is not like the bread we eat at home where you get hungry soon again.

But I always get hungry soon again with the  Eucharist, but it is a hunger of being with God and feeling its love.