19 The face of Jesus


How did Jesus look like. Of course “He is a long man with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Aartists hVW Pinws him lke a modern Scandinavian man spending his time somewhere in a library reading books, away from the burning sun.
But this  is the view of a European artist. A European thinks that Jesus must have looked like a nice looking European. A native American, like a nice looking native American. A African like a nice looking African and so on….

We are very much aestetical like Kierkegaard explains it, giving huge importance to appearance and less to personality and the wisdom of fellow humans.



The many faces of Jesus

According to native Americans Jesus looked like this:

Source: https://prairieedge.com/fine-art-gallery/compassionate-christ-1/ 

Ethipians thinks that Jesus looked like this

Africans like to see Jesus like this:

Europeans think that Jesus looked like this:

North Americans and Jehovas witnesses thinks that this Michigan looking man was Jesus but they say

Jesus was a Jew and likely inherited common Semitic traits from his mother. (Hebrews 7:​14) It is unlikely that his features were especially distinctive. On one occasion he was able to travel in secret from Galilee to Jerusalem without being recognized. (John 7:​10, 11) And he apparently did not stand out even among his closest disciples. Recall that Judas Iscariot had to identify Jesus to the armed crowd that arrested him.​—Matthew 26:47-​49.”

Read more in /www.jw.org


The discussion about Jesus figure is still going on

Some think that the oldest image must be the right one.

” It was painted on a wooden board during the 6th or 7th century and is currently preserved at the Monastery of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai, in Egypt, one of the oldest monasteries in the world.” (Source: aleteia.org )


Jesus real face?


Some believed they have found the image of Jesus in the shroud preserved in Turin. i saw it myself many years ago (1971?) when I lived in Turin.  I never understood the real immaginative value of it. The blood stain in it are of type AB. the Knights Templar safeguarded it during the 13th century and probably repaired it. About the repaired part: “radiocarbon dating carried out by Oxford University in 1988 found it was only 728 years old.” ( www.telegraph.co.uk/ )  the Sindone  may not be a medieval flaw.

( Source: sindone.it/museo/en/shroud )

“according to the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane before the Crucifixion, Judas Iscariot had to indicate to the soldiers whom Jesus was because they could not tell him apart from his disciples” (  www.popularmechanics.com  )

So he probably did not was a longer man, have fair skin and blue eyes. He looked probably like the other disciples and Hebrews.

With skulls from jesus time and modern forensic anthropology we have a new picture. You do not see he does not have teeth.

Read aboutthis face  in www.popularmechanics.com


Jonas Gardell, adds in his book about Jesus that Jesus may even have lost all his teeth as many skulls from his time did not have teeth.

Despite the Turin Sindone image, I could imagine Jesus like the brown man above as given by the forensic anthropology picture. Even today you see people without teeth, many of them not affording or having availability to dentist care.

you see that in the face  if a man works and sleeps outside, is stung by mosquitos and burned by the sun, havikng a physically heavy work. 

But does the iamge  really matter?

No. We are very focused on the lookout. but what is important about a human is what messages he/she shares.

I believe that Jesus followers must have seen him a as a nice looking man as he had power of attraction, like you do when you get in love with a person. Even the uggliest woman becomes an angel in your eyes when you get in love with her.

You see what you wants to see.

Read more in www.irishtimes.com or in https://aleteia.org