I had a dream a few days ago.

I saw a naked man in the shadow of a Ficus religiosa tree. He showed with his hand that I should  get closer to him. I can not define what language he talked but he talked to my hearth somehow. So I could understand what he said:

– You know Adam that is told about in the Muslim Quran. I am Adam’s twin brother.

I asked how that could be. He told me

– You know maybe that my  twin brother Adam was punished to go to live on earth. God created me before Adam.  I could see from Eden in Heaven that Adam had sex with Eve and then they got two boy childrens.  The childrens played around and father Adam and mother Eve were happy playing and joking with the small boys. With time, Adam and Even became old and the children became adult and also the children got  wifes and childrens.

The twin brother  said:

I saw my brother and how he lived  and became sad. I myself would never die and get sick but I would never have such beautiful children neither. I thought, it would have been nice to have small childrens playing around me with those happy small eyes.

I asked him:

– You sound to be sad after all. Why dont you eat from that three you too so also you can go down to earth and have wife and a family?

He answered me:

– God didn’t want me to suffer and I did not want to disobbey God. About the suffering, God were right after all. In all the 6000+ years I have lived, I have seen so much suffering among my twin brothers offspring. I did not want my offspring to suffer like them. So I decided to not eat from that tree. With time I understood that there would be no happiness without this suffering.

I asked him if it wasnt worth to suffer sometimes to get those moments of happiness.

–  you are right Stellan. You too had years of happiness with your two childrens. And you still enjoy them when you met them.

You said you did not want to disobbey God. But with your knowledge wouldnt you like to come down to earth to help Adams offspring to live a better life and enjoy some time of happiness on earth?

– Yes, in fact God gave me this possibility so I were incarnated down on earth about 2025 years ago. So I had a few years of happiness with neighbor childrens playing  around and joking with me.  But as God warned me,  I had because of that to suffer a awful lot of pains as roman soldiers let all their wrath free over me, hurting me with all kind of torture tools. And then they had me die on a pole naked hanging with my arms on large wooden beam.

He disappeared from my sight and I waked up. It was Wednesday morning and I said myself that I must share this vision.

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