God is a big man?

We know Siddharta Gautama said “There is no God” But we can never  know. It is up to you to believe. Moses and Luke believed in a revenging God. Jesus told us about a loving God. And in the Quran we read something similar.

Our persception of God changes with our knowledges of the Creation. I personally believe in a loving God. The mystery of God reminds about of the mysteries of Quantum physics. My God is able to do what quantum particles can do.

SadhGuru has  a very intelligent explanation of  how we build our perception  of God.

SadhGuru said in “What is God”:

“You were a buffalo your would think, God is a huge buffalo with maybe four horns. Idi Amin said , God is black. If a white man can have white God why shouldn’t black have a black god?”


I love Sadhguru. His video about God is a good introduction to my page about God at http://www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/about-god/ where I describe the perception of Good by human beings.

Have a look at this video:



I love Sad Guru