Sourdough 11

I made another two sourdough breads in Sweden. So this is my eleventh sourdough bread. This time I am doing it in Italy, on the island of Lipari, Aeolian Islands. As I had no sourdough  culture with me from Sweden I had to make one myself. I followed Manfred  Enoksons receip in my main sourdough page at 

I tell below under STARTER my work with it.

Thi bread didn’t become as I wanted. I lost half of my sourdough. Read more below.

HINT. The main page about sourdough, its preparing methods, history and science is documented in




The starter I use is starter B (se below). This time I make a levain and sourdough with Italian Wheat flour and integrale. It is the first time I do it in Italy with my Italian Ariston hotpoint oven.

Making levain starting Friday October 26 at 9 pm.


Making a starter

As said in my introduction I tfollowed Manfred  Enoksons rreceip in my main sourdough page at 

The problem however was that I did not find apples cultivated without poisons, that is ecoapples. 

My first starter (A) was made  with a wheat flour mix (50% Gran Mugnaio tipo 00 and 50% integrale Casillo).  Starter A did not get a god taste and smell.  I thought it was because  I used water from my rainwater tank that is not 100% free from unwanted bacteria.

I made another starter (starter B) with the same kind of wheat mix (50% Gran Mugnaio tipo 00 and 50% integrale Casillo) and apple. But this time I used  Italian Fontenoce naturale water.

Starter B got a god acid taste and had no bad smell. Its is not bubbly.

It has now been in the refrigerator about a week and I nourished it a few times with spoons of Barilla wheat type 00 and fontenoce water.

Adding yeast to the sourdough

I talked with a friend who is pastry chef in Barcelona, Sicily. He recommended me to add some yeast to the sourdough. My starter B did not became bubbly. As the apples I used in starter B are not ecoaples, maybe there were no natural yeast cells alive on the apple shell I used. When I prepared the sourdough I added therefore a spoon of yeast solution to my starter B hoping to soon get CObubbles in he starter. Here is Manfreds video. he talks Swedish but you seehow he is doing the starter .


Making levain

Levain ingrediences (started with this 11.30 pm Friday October 26, day 1 ) 

  • 180 gram Barilla type 00 wheat flour (~3 dl) 
  • 180 gram Casillo integrale wheat flour (~ 3 dl) 
  • in
  • 50 gr Fontenoce water (~ 5 dl) and 
  • 2 table spoons of starter B (se above)

~ in the refrigerator in my Swedish plastic bucket with lid.



Create the sourdough

I let the levain stay in the refrig more hours as I had to go to the supermarket to buy yeast. This made it impossible for me to bake in the evening.

(Start 12.10 am Saturday October 27 day 2) 
In this dough I used 12 dl Barilla type 00 flour and 1 dl Casillo integrale 


  • I used all  the levain
  • mixed it in 5 dl  water where  I solved  1 packet of fresh yeast.
  • I added the 12 dl Barilla type 00 wheat flour  ( 1 dl Caillo wheat integarale).
  • (Should be 14 next time with this Barilla + 1 dl integrale)
  • 12.20  45 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity


Stretching and resting

creating protein network

All stretches and room temp rest were made in my multipurpose bucket with lid.

  • 12:55 stretch 1 with wet hands. Very wet but slimy. Added about 5 gram dry salt. 
  • 18.50 stretch 2 . nice and slimy. sprinkled 1 dl buitoni  wheat flour to make it less wet.
  • 14:05 Stretch 3
  • 14:45 stretch 4.
  • 15:25. Divided in 2 parts and put each part in its bowl covered with owen paper I got from my nerighboor. This was a bad solution as the paper sticked to the dough. The paper became wet and I could not remove the paper from one of the doughs. Had to throw the dough paper mix in the compost waste bucket.
  • (The dough I saved should, after the stretching  part, have rested for about 6- 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity.)


Final stretch  and formatting

Monday  October 28 0:30 am day 3 ) 

As I couldnt bake it so late, i were tired,  I decided to let it rest until the day after. but t midnight I thought about the doughs in the refrigerator wondering if they didnt dry as I did not cover them. I looked at the doughs. They had got nice volume but the paper sticked to the doughs and I could not remove the paper from one of the doughs. I succeeded to remove the paper from one of the doughs. Now it was 1 am. As the clocks are moved back 1 hour this night (we are moving to winter time)  I decided to bake this dough.

Bread bakers start at 4 am. So why not start 0:30 am?

  • 1:0  am . I stretched it without breaking it a few times over a floured surface and shaped it to a baguette.


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • Set  the  oven to mac temp Celsius to get a higher room fermenting temperature.
  • 1:00 am.  I laid  the dough on the baking sheet with olive oil on the bottom to ferment 30 min.
  • It became a flat fish. I have heard about this before that sourdoughs without gluten easily loose their shape and get flat


Baking preparation

  • 2 am Oven on max 275 Celsius.
  • I cut the top of the dough
  • .

  • Baking

The oven I have in Italy is a Ariston Hotpoint. I did not know how to use the different programs. Only after 25 minutes of baking, reading the manual, I discovered that I probably have to use the Oven pastry program.

  • 2 am bake 25 minutes in max temp with ventilation
  • 2.20. I lowered the temp to 175. (I could have had it 45 min in max as I have done before but I were tired and afraid to burn the bread)

Cooling and tasting

The bread was fully baked.  The taste is ok bu i not so acid. Maybe the yeast I added nrutralized the lactic acid baceria.



Maybe the yeast cells i added took over and neuralized the lactica acid bacteria removing the acidity. If I add yeast I dhould maybe to add so much making it easier for the bacteria to survive.

Baking paper
I must get a good baking paper but not use it during the last rest in refrigerator.

I must plan to bake in evening or weekend when the electricity is cheaper. 

Sourdough making start
I can make teh levain day 1 late. But I have to start making the sourdough as early as possible (8 am?) so I can start the baking procedure 6 pm.