Sourdough 8

The bread has been baked. To be tasted in a few hours.

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This time I make a sourdough with Spelt and rye. I am curious how it will work out.

Starting date and time: Sunday August 26 at 9 am.


I have his Youtube  with transcript in English for you to get translated in


Making levain

Levain ingrediences (made this 9 am Sunday  August 26, day 1) 

  • 160 gram  wheat flour (~2½ dl) 
  • 160 gram rye  (råg) flour (~2½ dl) 
  • in
  • 32 gr water (~3,2 dl) and 
  • 1 table spoon of starter

~8 hours in the refrigerator in a aluminium  bowl covered with a lid



Create the dough

(Start 5.10 pm Sunday  August 26 day 1) 
In this dough I used 6 dl rye flour Kungsörnen and 5 dl Spelt from Berte Qvarn

Levain  before  adding water and flourmix: 


  • I used all  the levain
  • mixed it in 5 dl  water
  • I added the 11 dl flour mix (10 dl wheat, 1 dl rye).
  • (Should be 13 next time with this spelt)
    5.20 pm. 45 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity.
  • 6.05 pm. A few gram dry coarse salt added during first stretch over the dough
  • The rest of the stretches and 30 min rest proceeded well.


Stretching and resting

creating protein network

  • stretch 1 with wet hands. Very wet but slimy. Added 5 gram dry salt. 
  • 18.13 rest 2 30 min in bowl with lid in room temp
  • 18.50 stretch 2 . nice and slimy. Added 1 dl spelt wheat.
  • 18.53 rest 3
  • 19.23 Stretch 3
  • 19.30 rest 4
  • 20.00 stretch 4.
  • 20.05. Divided in 2 parts and put each part in its bowl and put the bowls in the refrigerator in plastic bags.
  • 20.10 rest 5 10 hours in the refrigerator

(The doughs should, after the stretching  part, have rest for at least 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity.)


Final stretch  and formatting

Monday  August 27 am day 2) 


  • 6 am. Took out the doughs from the refrigerator to rest 30 min in room temperature.
  • 6.30  am . Took up the dough gently and stretch each dough without breaking it a few times. Very humid doughs.
  • 6.50 am got a desired  hape for both doughs


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • 6.50 am.  lay  the doughs on the baking sheet with baking paper on the bottom as in the photo above.
  • I covered both bread with a lid.
  • Set  the  oven to 100 temp Celsius to get a higher room fermenting temperature.


Baking preparation

  • 7.15 am. Doughs still fermenting. Oven on max 275 Celsius.
  •  Forgot again to cut the top of the dough
  • .

  • Baking

  • 7.50 am bake 25 minutes in 275 Celsius under cover
  • 8.15 am  removed the cover. Got a nice color.
  • 8.20. Breads have a nice dark color. Tried with a stick. Looks cooked. As I were afraid to burn the bread, I lowered the oven temp to 0 Celsius and held it so for another 15 minutes. 
    (Next time I lower it to 100 Celsius to get it fully cooked.)


Cooling and tasting

The bread became nice but not dfully baked.  The taste is however good with a fine acidity.



The dough was very humid at the last stretch before fermenting and baking. Ii forgot to cut the top again. I think another dl och flour is needed. So in total 13 dl flourmix. I have to keep it in the oven longer time at high temp to get it fullty baked. Maybe lower to 100C instead of 0C and keep it there to a total of 50 minutes baking.