Leaving our planet in a better state.




removing garbage on Ustica

When I were on Ustica with my daughter, my daughter suddenly on her initiative took a plastic bag and collected all the garbage on that little beach to take it to  the village garbage cans.  I loved that behaviour. If everyone would do like her then we would have a cleaner planet.

Michiu Kaku said that his  purpose of life was:

“Leaving the  planet in a better state than it was when we came to it.”

My daughter left Ustica in a better state. So do I want to do.

Spring cleaning up
I have participated with my pupils several years in a cleaning up project ( Vårstädningen ) in Göteborg were my students could win a nice price, e.g. a day free in the Göteborg enjoyment park Liseberg www.liseberg.se.   we won that price twice with two grade 6. The condition was that we should dedicate lessons to the garbage problem and to document ourwork. We dedicated a few weeks lessons about the  garbage issue  and wrote articles about it as part of Natural Sciences and math education (Studying e.g. effects of plastics eaten by animals, effects of and costs of aluminium extraction and  making statistics about recycled plastic, metal and paper garbage wights.) 

Immature adults polluting our planet

If our childrens throw  garbage in nature, we adults are responsible and must act cleaning up after them.
Many adults behave for some reason  like immature irresponsible kids. Can we accept that? In my opinion, we have to clean up after these immature adults.



My cleaning up action

Removing garbage in Uppvidinge comune woods

My brother informed me that that someone threw garbage in the wood near a road. I decided to remove these and take these to the Älghult recycling center.


Here was the site before I cleaned up I am sure this was something done by adults as the site is a few kilometers away from the village. 

Looking closer I found there  plastic cans, plastic bags, a plastic pet bottle, things  that would never disappear if I did not act.








Good deeds to be kind to our planet and its  animals

When all garbage was collected in a big plastic bag I went with my bike to the recicling station in Älghult, 3 km away.






After recycling everything, paper in the paper container and plastic in the plastic container m My black garbage bag  was almost empty

I got some training this day on my bike and felt nice getting home for  a nice shower.



This 7 km bicycle tour was a different way to keep myself  fit. To know that this site will stay clean for some time, made me feel really good.I combined usefullness with good training.  This is not the last time I do this. I am planning to take with me a plastic bag to my valley on Lipari this autumn where there is a lot of garbage.  Another possibility to get out and have a good training opportunity with a 3 km walk in the wood.

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