The Golden rule

Stefan Einhorn  tells in page 122 in his book “The art of being kind” about the Golden rule as it is defined according to  Buddhism, Christianity,  Hebraism, Hnduism and Islam. He shows great interreligious knowledge.

There are great similarities in the different definitions of the Golden rule.

E.g. taoism explains it like “Your mates victory is your victory. you friends loss is your loss”

I would like to aded zoroastrianism where good deeds, good words, and good thoughts is the main advice to follow when you met others.

They all have acommon ethical thought:

“Treat others like you want others treat you.”


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Golden rule is wrong?

The Golden rule may not work everywhere with everyone. What you like may not be liked by others.

Here is a Ted telling that the Golden rule sometimes may not work as expected.

Maybe as one TED commenter said,  the Golden rule is not ” meant as the sole tool for managing people and personalities in the workplace.”

“Good characteristics gone to far become bad characteristics”: