Emmy Noether

I got info today from fermilab about the female genious Emmy Noether born 1923 in Germany. She  was a mathematician that  developed the  beautiful Noether Theorem.

As she had a jewish heritage she had to emigrate from Nazi Germany to USA, Pensylvania were she died  young, 14 April 1935 (aged 53) after a surgery and fever.

Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln tells us about her and explains her theorem:

medium.com  didn’t list  Emmy  Noether in their article  probably because they thought Emmy “didn’t change the world”. 🙂

Her theorem is important because 

  • She showed that conservation laws come from Symmetries.
    She said “For every symmetry there is a conservation law”
  • Noethers theorem tells something profound about the laws of Nature.

Einsteins said about her: