Sourdough 5




I follow Toms suggestions as usual with a few modifications ( T

his time I decideed to start in the early morning to make the stretchings in the evening and bake the second day morning.

Starting date and time: FridayJuly 13 at 7 am.

I  follow the rest of the procedure as with my fourth lavain that is.

The fourth levain breads were not fully cooked. My neighbour told me the bread I gave him was perfect after some time in the microoven.:) This time I must provide to  let the bread be in the oven the time suggested by Tom in his video, lowering the temp when uncovering the temp so it wont get burnt. And to get more acidity I have to let the dough in the refrigerator the time indicated by Tom.

 My sourdough page is readable at

It looks like the full wheat flour absorb more water so I had s1 dl more water in the dough.

This is the  multipurpose bucket with lid I bought at the Swedish ÖB  and used in this bake.


This was my levain and dough mix calculated for 2 breads:


Day 1. Friday.

Making levain – day 1

Levain ingrediences (made this 10 am Friday July 13)
( Same as the previous levain but started at 9 am day 1, instead of in the evening and I had a different wheat flour.) 

  • Solved 1 table spoon of starter
  • in 160 gr water (1.6 dl) with hands
  • Added 160 gram  full grain wheat flour (~2½ dl)
    (NB. I did not mix two sorts of flour like Tom do) 
  • 10:10 am Put the levain in the refrigerator in a covered my plastic  bowl to rest over the day (not the night :).

A beautiful day. I went out to make a long trekking in the wood. 🙂


Create the dough

(started 7:20 pm Friday) 

So the levain matured during about 9 hours.

  • 7.20 pm.  Back home, I mixed all  the levain
  • in 6 dl water with hands
  • I added   450 gram wheat flour + 3 dl (175 gr) dinkel flour.  Should have been more as I had to add more flour later on. Read below under Day 2- Saturday.
  • 7.30 pm. Rest 1. 40 min rest in room temp in a plastic box  with lid.
  • I added 40 gram dry coarse salt before stretch 1 over the dough. (I add dry salt if the dough is humid, salt solution if the dough is to dry.)


Stretching and resting –
creating protein network

  • 8:10 pm  stretch 1 with wet hands.
  • Added 40 gram dry salt  as the dough was humid.
    Maybe it was to much as I believed the dough was salty.
  • 8:15 pm rest 2 in my smaller multipurpose box with lid in room temp
  • 8.45 stretch 2 Getting slimy. The box is a little bit small to stretch in but I continue  in this box.
  • 8.50 rest 3 
  •  9.20 pm stretch 3. Still a little bit wet in the bucket. Maybe because the lid keep the humidity well. That should be good for the dough.
  • 9.30 pm rest 4
  • 10.00  pm stretch 4
  • 10.05 pm rest 5
  • Divided the dough in 2 parts on a floured surface.
  • Put each part in a saucepan and
  • 11 pm.  Put the dough in saucepans, put a lid on and move theme to the refrigerator to stay overnight.


Day 2  Saturday

Final stretch  and shaping

  • 9:00 am. Took out the doughs from the refrigerator to rest 30 min in room temperature.
  • 9:30 am . 

I understood that the dough was still far to humid.
So I decided to make to  two more stretches and foldings with 30 minutes rest, adding rye flour (I like rye flour) I was nervous about this thinking sometimes if I had to throw everything in the garbage. But I insisted trying this rescue action. It was complicated to keep the hands wet while adding flour. I had to dry the hands each time I  poured flour over the dough. Puh. But I made it.

10.30 am The dough became less liquid and I continued to the fermenting stage below.


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • 10:45 am I laid the doughs over oven paper in the stews.
  • 10.50 am.  Rest 60 minutes under lids over the Oven, set to  100 Celsius. 

I jumped over the basked and shaping step again as I have no baskets for this step.
I see no reason to do this extra step Tom does, as long as I let the dough ferment and grow enough in good warm temp. I were happy with the texture in my fourth  levain.



I just planned to cut the doughs but forgot it again. 🙁

  • 11:50 am  cut the top of the dough


  • Baking 
    Started 11:50 am

  • 11:50 am. bake 25 minutes in 260 degrees Celsius under cover
    Lower temp.  to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • bake another 35 minutes in 200 degrees Celsius without cover
  • 12:50 am The breads are now cooked one hour later, because of my extra stretches and the adding of rye flour. They look nice even if I forgot to cut the top of the dough. I burned myself a little bit again. nothing serious. 


Cooling and tasting

My babies resting after the hot esperience under towel. Tonight at the evening news can eat and taste the breads! Yummie!!! I am optimistic. 🙂


7:30 pm