Sourdough 4




Starting date and time: Monday July 9 at 9 pm.
I start earlier as I am tired after the trip from Göteborg.

I repeat what I made in my third bake but with a different flour and bucket.

I follow again  Tom in his Youtube  video visible in

It looks like the full wheat flour absorb more water so I had 1 dl more water in the dough.

This is the  multipurpose bucket with lid I bought at the Swedish ÖB  and used in this bake.


This was my levain and dough mix calculated for 2 breads:


Making levain

Levain ingrediences (made this 10 pm Monday July 10)
( Same as the previous levain but at 9 pm day 1 and a different wheat flour.) 

  • 160 gram  full grain wheat flour (~2½ dl)  in
  • 160 gr water (1.6 dl) and 
  • 1 table spoon of starter

9 hours in the refrigerator in a plastic  bowl  i laid in  a plastic bag.dough


Create the dough

(started 8 am Tuesday, day 2) 

  • I usd Almost all  the levain (2 table spoons)
  • mixed in 600 gram (6 dl) water
  • with   450+400 gram wheat flour. (Should have been a little bit less (50 gr)  as this flour absorbed  more water.)
    2 hours rest in refrigerator in a plastic box  with lid.
  • A few gram dry coarse salt added during third stretch over the dough


Stretching and resting –
creating protein network

  • 8.30 am  rest 1 in smaller box with lid in room temp (21 Celsius).
  • 10.30 stretch 1 with wet hands.
  • Added l dl water without salt (I were distracted by a phone call and I forgot therefore  to add salt in that water. Dry flour on the bottom of the can and hard flour grains in the dough. Less flour next time!
  • 10.35 am  rest 2 in smaller box with lid in room temp
  • 11.10 stretch 2 Getting slimy. The box is a little bit small to stretch in.
  • 8.35 am  rest 2 in smaller box with lid in room temp.
  • 11.45 Stretch 3 Stretched  the dough in a bigger plastic container as it was difficult to work in the smaller one. The dry flour grains disappeared. A nice slimy dough now.
  • 11.50 rest 4 in the smaller box with lid in room temp
  • 12.15 stretch 4. Still a little bit wet in the bucket. Maybe because the lid keep the humidity well. That should be good for the dough.
  • 12.20 rest 4 in the smaller box with lid in room temp
  • Divided the dough in 2 parts on a floured surface.
  • Put each part i a bowl and
  • 1 pm.  Put the bowls in the refrigerator in plastic bags.

The doughs should, after the stretching  part, have rest for at least 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity. But I didnt so the bread did not get the acidity of my previous breads.


Final stretch  and formatting

I am tired today  and didn’t want to get the bread baked to late so I decided to start earlier,  after just a 4½ hour dough rest in the refrigerator. I think I will get a good sourdough anyway as I added to whole levain to the dough.

  • 5.30 pm. Took out the doughs from the refrigerator to rest 30 min in room temperature.
  • 6.00 pm . Took up the dough gently and stretch each dough without breaking it a few times.
  • got a desired  circular shape for both doughs


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • 6.15 pm I laid  the doughs on the baking sheets.
  • I covered with lids.
  • I set  the  oven to 50 temp Celsius during the first 40 minutes rest to get a higher fermenting temperature and to max (270 Celsius) the last 30 minutes.
  • I let the  doughs rest totally 1 hour before the baking preparation:


Baking preparation

I forgot this step.

  • 7.15 pm Cut the top of the dough


  • Baking

  • 7.45. bake 25 minutes in 260 degrees celsius under cover
    The doughs grew three times, probably because I forgot to cut the doughs.
  • baked10 minutes in 260 degrees celsius without cover
  • I lowered the oven temp to 200 and held it so for another 15 minutes. I were afraid to get the bread to burned as I have the bread laying high in the oven. A friend of mine use to lower the temp too after a while in the oven.


Cooling and tasting

The bread  should have cooledover a grid under a towel over night. but I could not avoid to open one of these as I had no bread at home. It is soft but the acidity is almost none. Most probably is it because I let the dough rest after the stretching only 4½ hours instead of 8 in the refrigerator . The taste is however like normal bread. Fully eatable. But I discovered the day after that the bread was not fully cooked. Maybe 35 minutes witout cover next time?