A new friendship

I got to know a very intresting man called Christer at http://www.paxetbonum.se/.

Hr is the author/ebmaster of http://www.oikonomia.info/ 

with e g an article about the first star in Universe  in http://www.oikonomia.info/?p=41486

He shows religious tollerance in http://uppenbar.info/

where he write about the importance of Mary in Bagdad

in his article http://uppenbar.info/index.html

citing nimran  3:42.

Many of his articles arevery intresting for me.

He writes in Swedish so one had to install the Google translate plugin for chrome or similar for Firefox to hopefully get a decent translation.

He has like me a Christian belief where Scientific views of life development and the existence of a creator God can coexist. So he is not a fanatic creationist. Nice!


Wonderful new acquaintance.