Sourdough 3

I try this time to make 2 breads.

I follow Tom in the  video I added in my sourdough page at

It looks like the full wheat flour absorb more water so I had some less flour in the dough.

I made levain yesterday night and had it in the refrigerator this night (8-9 hours)

This was my levain and dough mix calculated for 2 breads:

  • Levain 
    • 160 gram  full grain wheat flour
    • 160 gr water

I had the levain 8-9 hours in the refrigerator in a plastic covered bowl

  • Levain solution
    • 200 gram levain, that has been in the refrigerator this night (8-9 hours)
    • 200 gram water.
  • dough
    • 600 gram water
    • 450+400 gram full grain wheat flour.
    • salt solution
    • 22.5 g salt
    • 37.5 gr gr water

This time I remembered to wet my hand before every stretch and I got a slimy elastic dough.

Nice! It’s fun.

New mistake. 🙁 I had the dough in the basked covered with a towel for 1½ hours. It should now have been put in the oven. But I stretched it again and put it on a plate and covered it under a towel. Shit…. another hour of waiting. I am heating up the oven now anyway. So soon can I move the dough to the oven. It is 9.40 pm and  am sleepy.

The final result looks great however. I havent tasted it yet. But I presume it will have a good acid taste.