Swedish health care – the Swedish illusion.

This is another example why I dont like to get older in Sweden.

I have always been well helped in Lipari, Italy.  and I have many friends there in case of I get injured.

In Sweden you can die and rotten slowly in your apartment before they discover you.

I got pneumonia 8 years ago. I waited until 3 am in a corridor. A doctor came and said “Let say you have stones in the kidney.” He sent me home with the recommendation to not drink.

The evening after, again feeling horrible at the hospital waiting another 9 hour. A doctor from Iran came at 2 am and talking with me, he understood I did not have kidney problems. He immediately sent me to make a X-ray where they discovered I had the lungs full of water.

Why didnt they make a X-ray the night before? To save money of course!

Sweden has a nice budget but people suffer and die because of that.

The same happen with the publich teath care. I have to wait one year before they make a check. I had to travel 300 km to Göteborg were my private dentist could do that in short time.

This is the latest case about a 

90 years old waiting eleven hours in the acute corridor -she died there.

The Inspectorate for Health and Care (Ivo) criticizes Skåne University Hospital (SUS) in Lund after a 90-year-old man died when he sought care at the emergency room after a fall in 2016.

The healthcare staff believed that the man also suffered from pneumonia and decision was taken to move to the care department. But there was no place, and instead he remained in the corridor of the acute for eleven hours.

He had neither food nor drink nor any other care. He was moved to the central hospital in Kristianstad, where he died the day after the cardiac arrest.

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This is not the first time. More people will die or suffer in Sweden for the government to show up nice $ figures.

Do not think Sweden is a paradise to get old in. Think before you leave your country for Sweden.

I am in Sweden now as I can not stand the heat in Italy.

But I will emigrate to Italy as soon as possible and do my best to survive the heat there.