Kumquat in brandy

I got a kumquat tree to my garden an d I decided to make my second Kumquat in brandy cook.  I had no brandy and money to buy it I spiced with with 99% alcohol I had it my home.

Inspired by the recipee at http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/13971/brandied-cumquats.aspx

I did it this way:

This is my kumquat plant with ripe kumquats 
The tree had 580 gram kunquat fruits


I picked all the fruits with a fork to allow sugar and fruit liquid to move out and in


I let the fruits be in boiled water 1 minute to kill fungii spores No image with this fruit cleaning process.
I covered the fruits with water and boiled the fruits with 600 ml sugar 
The 600 ml sugar I made the firts boil with. I boiled the fruit  tender for 30 minutes.
After the first 30 min cook, I separated the tender fruits from the liquid.
I put the ligquid (it is very tasty) in a bottle to be placed in the refrigerator to be used later as a flavour in sprinkling water.
I prepared a syrup with 1 liter water and 1 kg sugar.
I covered the cooked fruits with the syrup I made and let the frutis cook for another 40 minutes.
I  cleaned 4 empty glass  containers,

added 2 spoons 99% alcohol in each one and closed the containers. 

The containers with the kunquat in alchol are kept for 2 weeks in room temp.