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I am reading the  incredible autobiography of Giordano Bruno that he wrote  in prison in Rome in between Christmas and January 1, 1700, before he was killed by burning by the inquisition February 15, 1600 in Campo dei Fiori.

He adopted and argued for Aristoteles infinite Universe, Copernicus  heliocentric view, Eratosthenes calculation and demonstration of a spherical earth whose circumpherence is 44100 km. He argued against the Bibles view of a 8000 year old Earth, that the creation ended the sixth day. He was in complete opposition with  the geocentric view of the church. So he died for his Scientific view of Nature and the Universe. Some call him a martyr of Science.

He writes among others in detail about his love for the Italian language, his meeting with people (a dominican prior  among others) around Europe, his Venetian mecenate and traitor and his inquisitor Giovanni Gabriele di Saluzzo.

I had to reread some parts several time to try to understand him.

I added images from several pages in the book for you who understand Italian. 

With his thoughts about the tiny coffee bubbles, he guided me into looking more closely at Quantum physics enigmas that gave me answers to several questions I  document in a separate article.

The book is available also in German by Amazon:

Giordano brunos life

Giordano baptized Filippo by his father Giovanni Bruno and mother Fraulissa Savolino, was born 1548 in Nola near Vesuvius in Neaple. He was led into the art of writing by Luigi Tansillo. He  followed the lesssons about Aritoteles by Teofilo de Varano, He entered the Dominican order June 15, 1563, the Dominicans, who gave him the name Giordano reminding about the river Jordan. He called the Domincans the “dogs of the House” alluding to the Church (Domis canis). He was a copernican and whas therefore tortured by hte inquisition, by rippping of his nails and then killed by buning Campo dei Fiori in Rome February 10, 1600.

The statue was raised by anticlericals in 1800. The church wanted to get it demolished during the second World war. But at the Patto lateranense with Mussolini, they decided not to do so. (Source: Matteo Saudino

Image source:

Giordano Brunos knowledge

He was well informed about Scientists works. He mentions among others the  Egyptian mathemathician Eratosthenes calculation of the earth circumpherence to a dominican prior in Germany.

Read more in page 32 in images of selected pages below

Source: wiki  )

He found sign that the Earth had to be much older that 8000 years looking at the salt mines in Lüneburg Germany.

Read more in page 37 in images of selected pages below

He knew about Karakorum, the former capital of Mongolia created by Genghis Kahns third son  Ögedei as one of the town on the Silk road to Venice. 
Read more in page 38 in images of selected pages below

Giordanos view of God

God was for Giordano Bruno a “mens superomnia” and in the same time, “mens insita homnibus”, God is the nature. the Nature is God.  (Source: Matteo Saudino ) A zoroastrian and pantheistic view of God.

This reminds me about Jesus who took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to the apostles and said “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”  ( luke/22-19.htm )

Einsteins said once:

”If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.”
( Read more in )

I am reminded about this quota when Giordano Bruno writes: 

“The only bridge to the infinity of God is the Infinity of the Universe.”

Remind that infinity exists in two dimentions, infinitely big like the Universe as we know it today and infinitely small, like the subatomic particles. Giordano mentioned it in his talk about the tiny water bubbles on the beach of Nola.

He says that it is important to understand the nature of the world God created to understand God.

See page 32 in images of selected pages below

In page 35 and 36 he continued (Read more in page 36 in images of selected pages below ).
“The Universe is like a God in becoming. A infinity of possibilities led to realize and perfection themselves”
This reminds about the nature of evolutions developed by Darwin 300 years later. 

Giordanos view of Gods Nature

I especially like page 23. Learning from Nature “Everything is necessary in Nature… he come to the conclusion “Everyone, evil man or saint  has to do what he knows to do. “

In fact, to to learn how to follow Jesus “Love your enemies” to have them become your friend,  i think that you have to have enemies. To learn about love you have to learn about evil. And to become a good shepherd on this Earth you have to learn how to behave with the wolves that predate on our sheeps.

Read more in page 23 in images of selected pages below

Bruno was right in many ways

The image of the small (small bubbles in his book) is a reflection of the big (the Universe in his book).

Waht we know today about the photons is valid as well for the infinity of the Universe.

Read more in page 20 in images of selected pages below


He wrote we will one day see stars and new earths being born.

Read more in page 99 in images of selected pages below

Giordano Brunos mistakes

  • As he counts himself he was not kind with other brothers. He was rather aggressive having others to feel stupid. Thus he made himself many enemies. Maybe that was a form of defensive reaction after many attacks  on his person.
    Read more in page 32 in images of selected pages below
  • His Italian nostalgy was to hard to resist in Switzerland so he had to go back to Italy. He couldn’t among others stand the German language and wanted to hear Italian. This made him go back to Italy were he got arrested and condemned o death.
  • He relied on the  venetian Zuane Mocenigo who betrayed  him, accused him for blasphemy and heresy, giving  Giordano to the Church to be imprisoned, tortured and killed.  Zuane made this as Giordano didnt help him to make gold out of sand and reveal other secrets.
    He should maybe have kept his mouth shot as Michio Kako tell in his story below:

a priest, a lawyer and a  theoretical physicist

This happened during the French revolution 200 years ago.

Three mens were to loose their heads at the guillotine: a priest, a lawyer and a  theoretical physicist

The priest was led to the chopping block and they asked the priest “Do you have a last word?” The priest answered:

“God from above, he will certainly set me free”

the blade came down, swish and  it stopped just before it hit the neck of the priest.

The people screamed

“Yes, God has spoken, let the priest go free.”

Then the lawyer was led to the chopping block and they asked the lawyer  “Do you have a last word?” The lawyer answered:

“Justice and mercy, she shall set me free”

the blade came down, swish and  stopped just before it hit the neck of the lawyer .

The people screamed

“Let there be a national day, mercy and justice has spoken today.”

Finally, the  theoretical physicist was led to the chopping block and they asked the  theoretical physicist “Do you have a last word?” The  theoretical physicist answered:

“ya, I got some last words. I dont know to much about God, less about the law, but iI do know one thing. if you look up you see that the rope is stuck on the pully. if you remove the rope the blade should come down real good” 

The rope came down, the blade came down and the head came down…

Conclusion of this story. Sometimes physicist must know when to keep their mouth shot. (Source: Michio Kaku in a speech about the future in

The Vatican view of the Inquisitions deeds

Pope John Paul II made a general apology 2000 for “the use of violence that some have committed in the service of truth”

Apologies by Pope John Paul II, Ontario Consultants. Retrieved 27 December 2013)

To know more about Giordano Bruno you may like to read the first 182 pages of  “Giordano Bruno: His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom ” by William Boulting

images of selected pages

page 20: tiny bubbles in the coffee

page 23: all is necessary

page 32: comparing the servants of the church with ruminant rabbits

page 33: infinity of Universe lead to understand the infinity of God.

page 36: a  God in becoming

page 37: about the age of the Earth

page 37: Giordano Bruno about a priori 

page 37: Giordano brunos prayer:

page 38: about Djenghis Kahn Karakorum

page 24: the rotation of Earth and the stars

page  54

s99 we will observe new earths and stars

I finish this post with Giordano Bruno begging in page 37 ( see  images of selected pages above  )

I beg you God, pronounce once again ,in the darkness of this Earth, may it even be after my death, your powerful verb: 
May it be light!

One day I will come to campo dei Fiori in Rome February 17 

I continue to read the book and learn more about this man on Internet.