Unconsciousness and early life traumas.

Anil Vithanage a good friend of mine teached me once about the unconscious, how important it is to light on it to become a free and happy human being. Uncosnsciousness is an important factor to consider when you walk the buddhist eightfold path to 

I wrote about it in Buddhist psychology part of  http://www.kinberg.net/buddhism
How many people do not go and have early life trauma deep in their unconscious? Look at all those uffering souls who experienced war traumas or had to leave good friends and relatives. I am thinking about all my former pupils from Iraq, Syria and other war zones. I were impressed by Julie Yau’s lecture about traumas in her cienceandnonduality.com vebinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=MgheZ-iLJ4o 

I talked with a good friend and pscyhoterapist who confirm she follows good psychoterapy practices.

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