Quantum Biology


I have written about abiogenesis in  http://www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/?s=earch-luca-makes-progresses-2

Now I move on from abiogenesis to Quantum Biology.

Reading about this new Scientific area still in its infancy, I will describe the main Quantum Biology researches shortly in this post,  I am now asking myself how may quantum mechanics have helped the processes in the prevailing abiogenesis “land based volcanic origin theory “ ?

Biological science is now making great progresses thanks to the knowlsedges of quantum mechanics, especcially about the entanglement mystery I wrote about in http://www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/2018/02/19/the-quantum-god/#quantumenigma_explained

Biologists can explain some curious phenomena only with quantum mechanic.

These are:

  • Quantum coherence assist photosynthetic light harvesting. Excitons in plants move as coherent waves of quantum superposition of energy states. Doing so the exciton explores several routes in the same time.

    This “quantum computation” in photosynthesis (finding the fastest way to the to the photosynthetic reaction center)  makes photsynthesis more efficient and energy effective.
    (Source: Philip Ball min 48 )
  • the magnetoreception faculty of some birds to be able to see/ feel the earth magnetic field with the  cryptochrome blue light receptor

    • Electron tunneling in smelling. the olfactory function enhanced by the capability to sense the way molecules vibrate and bond and structure
      Heavier deuterium loaded molecules vibrate slower and the olfactory system can feel that.
  • Quantum tunneling make biochemical proton transfers faster and easier. E.g. Hydrogen transfer enzymes like Lactate dehydrogenase save energy by quantum tunneling of hydrogen protons (Philip Bill 18:36)

The leading experts in Quantum Biology are now

A few good sources if you want to know more are:

The problem in Quantum Biology

It is very difficult to prove these Quantum Biology  hypothesis as it has to do with living things, cells that are “wet, warm and messy” (Philip Ball), cells with molecules like the cryptophore receptor, molecules that can not yet undergo laboratory tests.

A future study of Quantum Biology

I asked in the beginning of this post “may quantum mechanics have conditioned the prevailing abiogenesis “land based volcanic origin theory “ ?

Schrödinger formulated1944 in his book  “What is life?” the hypothesis that “a mutation in a molecular structure of a gene presumably was governed by the laws of Quantum mechnics” (Source: Philip Ball in “Quantum Biology: An Introduction” min 6:25 )

Schrödinger was right about many things, maybe also about this hypothesis? It is up to the Quantum Biologists to find answer to this. The nuclei tunneling hypothesis may be an important path to follow.

Quantum Romance

Another issue is romance and sexual attraction. As romance  is related to smell of pheromones and smell is enhanced by quantum mechanics an interesting conclusion is that romance is made easier with electron tunneling.