The Divine dilemma

Exhausted after a long day traveling around in south Sweden I came into doubt. is there a God really?  As SahdGuru define it, certainly not.

But that is not my God.


As SahdGuru Defines “no God” in this video. “Nobody sitting above there keeping accounts of what you did and what you did not, to punish you, ban you in hell”

That’s definitively not my definition of God. My God is not the old testament and Quran punishing God. 

My God is the forgiving and merciful God you find in his temple. And that temple is I believe inside you. There you find God and his wisdom.

But the doubt came to me today, is there a God?  I have to go back into myself and seek God and wisdom.

“Resplendent and unfading is wisdom,
and she is readily perceived by those who love her,
and found by those who seek her.”  (The Book of wisdom 6:12-16)

“Our idea of God is an exaggerated definition of yourself. ” If you were a Buffalo, God would be a Huge Buffalo. ” #if you are brown, Good is brown. If you were a dog, God is a Dog.”.God is per definition a man as a man defined it as an (exaggerated) image of himself.

(No offence to God with that I think.  God created buffaloes and dogs and I think God is not an  anthropocentrist nor a rasist,  discriminating humans and animals.)

Whatever you believe there is a  God or not,

 we can never proove anything about this, like we can not proove there is a afterlife.

We can only believe. And I agree with SadhGuru, we must be allowed to believe whatever but in my personal and the Buddhists opinion

we must behave as god humans (the 8 path of enlightment). As a known Buddhist said

“You prepare your  bed in this life to be used in your afterlife.”

if it is like that… maybe it is smarter to behave well (practicing the Zoroastrian good actions, good thoughts, good words with each other).  And not only ,

I will maybe met all those I have met here in this life,  again in my afterlife. Who knows?

So, I decided, I want to met my neighbours and fellows as good friends with no anger against me nor bad feelings with me. This is my choice.

I am personally looking forward to the afterlife (that is when my body is not suitable anymore to carry me) as I maybe there will finally. know what exists and not.