My Vegan dilemma

This post follows my post “Gary Yourofsky about human abuse of animals”




Thanks to Gary Yourofsky, I am myself considering becoming a Vegan.


My Vegan dilemma is not the same as the  nutritional vegan  dilemma many fight with, like explained in this video. I think I will solve these with time. Mine is more a consumer vegan dilemma.

I  think it is more difficult to be 100% Vegan avoiding. not only meat, dialry products and egg.   I think now that

a  Vegan that wants to fully help animals, should …

  • eat marshmallows and gummy candies not containing  gelatine
  • use  animal free toothpaste (not tested on animals)
  • use plantbased  B7
  • avoid cetyl alcohol in cosmetics and hair products
  • buy vegan leather but not wool, down and feather products (feather decorations. feather duster and some sort of pillows and quilts containing down and feathers.

I try in this post to explain why , adding info about  how to buy Vegan products.

The bible about taking care of animals

“The righteous one takes care of his domestic animals” ( Proverbs 12:10  )

I think that th Witnesses of Jehovah have made a good work about tis issue in

The Bible talks about loving your next, your neighbor, your enemie and persecutor but not about loving the animals. Bhuddist have another approach as they believe animals may be reincarnations of humans.

This may be seen as a request of love your your domestic animals:

“Six days you are to do your work; but on the seventh day, you are to cease from your labor, in order that your bull and your donkey may rest.”Exodus 23:12.

About destroying the habitats of Gorillas and other species the Bible says however:

“And to every wild animal of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving on the earth in which there is life, I have given all green vegetation for food.” (  Genesis 1:30 )

The leather industry

A lot of animals that gives us diary products are also the main source of Gelatine, leather  and whool.

” All leather is derived from animal skins or hides. Most hides are a byproduct of the meat industry. The hides of cattle slaughtered for beef form the bulk of the leather industry.”

“Other common leathers are made from the hides of sheep, goats, and pigs, and so-called novelty leathers are derived from reptile skins, such as alligator and snake, and even from the ostrich.”


More facts about the leather industry  from “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA)


There is an alternative now to killing animals to get leather.

“This Sustainable “Leather” Is Made From Pineapple Waste” read more at

The down and feather industry

I presume that also other birds that chicken should be protected too. Goose and turkeys are donors of feather and down.

Feather types illustration by Andrew Leach


Image result for plush stuffed toysE.g. the turkey meat industry in USA produces feathers and down.  feathers  are sent to China to be colored. 

The plush is used in plush stuffed toys like this one.


“(Read more:  )


Struthio camelus - Etosha 2014 (3).jpg(  Ostrich Image source: Wiki   )

Image result for Feather Duster“ostrich feathers highly desirable for dusters. … Down feathers from other birds like the turkey have smaller, simple shafts or quills down the centers of the feathers with very soft and loosely spaced barbs on either side of the quills.” (Read more:   )

Wild turkey eastern us.jpg( Turkey Image source: Wiki  )


(Pillow Image source: Wiki  )

“Americans usually have two or three pillows on their bed. Today, pillows are stuffed primarily with materials such as polyester (a synthetic), feathers, down, or a combination of the latter two.”
“The most expensive is the pillow filled with goose down. Read more:   )

( Goose image source: Wiki )

Also ducks are used for down production. (Swedish source: )

“Duck feathers are the most common type of feather used in American pillows.”
Read more:   )

????????-01.jpgDucks image source: Wiki   )

I wont buy duck down quilt and pillars anymore even if they are the best quilt and pillars.

This is  a very disturbing video on how feathers are ripped of from birds to get down.

if you are choosing a quilt it’s a goodidea …. to choose quilts without down/feathers, with synthetic or cellulose filling material.   (Read more at )


Liver paté

I have to think before I eat goose liver paté again.

Forced feeding of goose  to get goose liver paté (Swedish talk). Forced feeding is prohibited in Sweden but all farmers here are not reliable.

The gelatin industry

Marshmallows and Gummy Candys are produced with gelatine.
(Read more at : )

gelatin .. ” is produced by boiling the connective tissues, bones and skins of animals, usually cows and pigs.”

“As a foodstuff, gelatin is the basis for jellied desserts; used in the preservation of fruit and meat, and to make powdered milk, merinque, taffy, marshmallow, and fondant. It is also used to clarify beer and wine. Gelatin’s industrial applications include medicine capsules, photographic plate coatings, and dying and tanning supplies.” Read more:   )

Vegan Gummy Candies

But there are 40+ Gummy Candies that are vegan.  Read more at

40+ Gummy Candies that are Actually Vegan! Halloween, movies, snacks and gifts. #itdoesnttastelikechicken

40+ Gummy Candies that are Actually Vegan! Halloween, movies, snacks and gifts. #itdoesnttastelikechicken

40+ Gummy Candies that are Actually Vegan! Halloween, movies, snacks and gifts. #itdoesnttastelikechicken

 There are also Vegan Marshmallows


Solutions to my Vegan dilemma is found in these links I mentioned in this post


Vegan feelings

I am not a Vegan yet. i will tomorrow morning drink my Swedish Åsens milk from whose farms I would  like to visit but my thoughts are about leaving milk and cheeses, starting to use the more expensive but good grain milk, buy Soy protein isolate, eating more parsley for its iron content, eat B12 fortified food and supplements. i am trying to  become a better human adopitn a Vegan style of life. Why am i considering living as a  Vegan? me an animal is more than just a living thing, a plant or a three. I believe in the Buddhist reincarnation and the Hinduist Avatara (Good incarnation). I believe that we are supposed to be good shepherds taking good care of our fellow animals like Noah did during the time on the Ark not killing and eating them. Homo sapiens has been developed to healthy and intelligent beings, thanks to animals and animals have helped our ancestor Neanderthals to survive the harsch northern climate to become our ancestors.

But today we do not need to kill animals to get nutrients, cloth, comfort and protection. There are alternatives. Our Earth can not feed so many humans if so many of us continue to be second level topconsumers.  World starvation facts and methane climate effects give us clear signs that we must stop consuming meat.

When I were studying zoology at the University here in Göteborg 3o years ago, I had to kill an animal to be used for an experiment. I couldn’t kill that animal.  The feeling against this act was to strong so the teacher did it instead. I never forgot the feeling I had seeing this.

 this video adds another dimension to my Vegan dilemma. It is
about A vegan feelings to non vegans has changed.

Should Vegans have children?

Another interesting dilemma Rehana and her boyfriend Andrew raises is told about in this video











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