Gary Yourofsky about human abuse of animals.

Listen to this very strong speech at from Gary Yourofsky who manages the site It is part of a longer interview you find at (listen from minute1 4:33)


I myself have always said we must take care of the gifts we are given like we do with gifts from good friends. Like Gary says, our whole planet with its animals are a gift to us.

Garys speech (this and others at adaptt)  made me look closer at antrhopocentrsim and animal abuse and made me consider becoming a vegan.

I would like that also my non English speaking friends to have a chance to understand Garys speech so I added transcript below to be translated with Google translate.

Facts about the video

The video was Published on Jan 17, 2014 in the very informative Facebook page
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Transcript (Ed. not complete yet)
Notes about the transcript.  I hope I got the transcript right. Some parts were difficult to understand. I checked the Italian translation. To get it better I had to change a few words. But the transcript should be translated so his message comes trough.

“We are all species. We think that animal life isn’t valuable and we falsely believe Human life is valuable. If I can further explain how valueless the human life truly is. Do you know that if we took humanity away from this planet, the extintion of it, would benefit everything that exists, the animals, the forest, the water, the mountains. We are totally unspecial to this planet. …. This is how special, ants are. The whole ecosystem would collaps without ants and you know what follows, if there are no bees. If the bees disappear everything falls apart. This is how valuable, bees are for the world. Were do we go off saying we are valuable when all we do is destroy and torment and think that we are superior and we dominate others. Racism, sexism, antisemitism, heterosexism, these are branches of hatred. the root is species-ism because it is the form of hatred humans are thaught. When you are a kid, growing up, you are taught be nice with the dog, be nice with the cat but that cow, that chicken, doesn’t count, just kill them. Be nice with the horse, be upset., if someone cuts off the fin of the shark. Hey, but those turkeys, go and kill them. Thanksgiving it is a holiday. So the kid is confused growing up. So when we get down o talk about discrimination, why it’s wrong , where it comes from. it all stems from that someone looks and acts differently than you. if you taught a child that that chicken look differently than you. That chicken has every right to live, that spider has  every right to live, just like you do. How is that child gonna grow up looking at a person whose size, shape and color is different. How will that child look at this perosn with hatred, with violence?

I absolutely believe in God, I believe in the Garden of Eden, in “You shall not kill”,  I believe in genesis 1:29,  Gods first law.”( Ed. “Then God said, “Look! I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food.
” Genesis 1:29  )


My conclusions after listening to Gary is that we must respect our planet fellows, the animals (birds and snakes) that makes our living standable without to many mosquitos, rats etc.
I think that we can drink the cows milk, eat the chickens eggs without any bad feelings if we know that  our animal givers  lives like they like and are supposed to to live. How can I know that?

Consuming  Diary products and eggs

My mother had a few happy goats in her garden that gave her good milk to make cheese with. I got to learn these goats like friends. I observed them choosing the flowers and making other things in the garden.  They had  a natural dead. My mother was a good human.

To be able to know how our animal givers live we must get back to how it was once, when we went to the farmer and bought milk and eggs being able to pay visit to the cows and chickens. I grew up with milk from a farmer living nearby. Today we are normally not allowed in Sweden to do that. The milk has to be pasteurized and the eggs checked and most farmers do not pasteurize their milk.

Vegans do not eat meat, consume diary products (milk, youghurt, butter etc) and eggs as the animal givers are treated badly.

“Need a reason to go vegan? How about tens of billions? That’s how many animals are killed for food in the U.S. each year.

The easiest way to help animals like (ed. cows, pigs and chicken)   is to go vegan!
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The vegan movement together with Gary Yourofsky,  brought   light to the horrible world animal situation.

But does becoming a vegan fully  help the animals on our planet, that it  by not eating meat, diary products and eggs? I have come to the conclusion that no, becoming a vegan does help only partly.


Read my following post with the title “the Vegan dilemma” about this .

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