Consciousness, Multiverse and Nirvana

Scientists like Roger Penrose are now looking at quantum mechanics to try to understand consciousness. “Consciousness may have something to do with the quantum theory” I am personally thinking about the quantum superposition used in photosynthesis. Our brain has a fantastic capability to find different answers to questions. If you are missing something like your phone, you immediately make different hypotheses like “Did you take my phone?” or “May I have forgotten it somewhere?” Psychologists like Vittorio Girotti, Telmo Pievani, and Giorgio Vallortigara (“Nati per credere”) are looking at how we try to simplify our life or the interpretation of it like we do reading holy scriptures like the bible. Have a look at this video about quantum biology that raises the issue of consciousness and quantum physics from minute 50. 

How  neuroscience and quantum physics together explain consciousness. 

About Multiverse in your living room,
Steve Weinberg  radio metaphor to explain why we are where we are.

This reminds me of Siddharta Gautama’s experiences when he reached Buddhahood, experiences that looks like traveling between different dimensions.

MichioKaku about Conciousness:


“Nirvana is the eternal state of being where Karma and Samsara no longer exist. It represents the end of desire, suffering and individual consciousness. Until Nirvana is reached through enlightenment, the cycle of Samsara is repeated over and over. ” (Source: ) Nirvana is maybe reached when you after many years of meditation practice, reach the full enlightenment “arahant” status in the four stages of Liberation


Arahant (as written in Pali, and Arhat as written in Sanscrit are Buddhists who have reached Nirvana and therefore won’t live a rebirth.  These Buddhists have reached far along the path of Enlightenment, but may not have reached full Buddhahood, the goal of Mahayana Buddhists Read more in

is it that you, following the eightfold ennobling path and getting rid of suffering and noise from your unconsciousness,    you reach arahant or Buddhahood, you will be able to “change frequency” and get in touch with other dimensions as Siddhartha Gautama did? And maybe also be able to become a medium able to get in touch with souls on the other side (e.g. Frederic Myers and others) of the “chinvat peretum bridge“?

Sogdian-Zoroastrian Funerary Couch from China at Miho Museum, Japan

The chinvat peretum bridge,  an image of a dimension wharphole?

The latest thought about consciousness is that 

Consciousness Could Be a New State of Matter


But didn’t Lanza say that consciousness creates matter?

I think we have a conceptual dilemma. Read more about it in

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