God and afterlife


Theories behind everything

Einsteins two theries were:

  1. theory of general relativity
    Einstein’s revolutionary equation, shown above, says that the curvature of space-time equals the distribution of matter plus energy.
    shass.mit.edu/  )
  2. Theory of quantum mechanics. describing the behaviour of photons and other particles.


  1. One formula
    Mikiu Kakus String field Theory combines Einsteins two theories into one formula:

    It “uses the mathematics of fields to explain string theory.”
    String field Theory was created “by assuming there are multiple universes and dimensions beyond the ones we know.” 
    (Source:   www.aps.org

All  organismal and organization levels follow this theory.Related image
Michio Kaku Explains String Theory


String Theory

Warren Siegel has written an introduction to String theory available in pdf.

String theory birth

The view of God of theoretical physics

God there are two kind of Gods.

  1. God of intervention? NO.
  2. God of order, harmony, beaty simplicty elegance. The Spinosa God.  YES God is gorgeous
  3. Where did the String Theory equation came from?
  4. What kind of Universe do I want to create?

This is

Erwin Schrödinger (1933).jpgThis is a very good video that explains quantum theory, how electron particles behaves like waves. It also explains some of the  Schrödinger the equation (wiki has a very good explanation too but it is more suited for math nerds. en.wikipedia.org

Does Afterlife exist?

Michio Kaku looks for proof for afterlife existence  but he never found proof for that as I understand it.   Michio never tells about  a conclusion in his afterlife video.  I have one though.

String theory works only if there are  10 dimensions plus one (that of time) exists.  

The Songs of Zarathushtra, Gautama Sidharta afterlife experiences (told about in PaleCanon), The Quran and the Bible ,all tell about a  afterlife. 

If teh physiscits Michio Kaku included are right, then it may so that when we die,  we enter another  dimension.  Dr Ross studies  of near death experiences seem to meto  confirm this hypothesis.