Is God a mathematician?

Michio Kaku had a very interesting talk  in this video from 2013. I got inspired from his talk and decided to create this page developing his talk with my  limited  knowledges as a programmer  and math teacher.


Michio starts talking about how Calculus was used
to calculate the fall of the Moon as Newton thought about: “If the apple falls then should the Moon fall too?”.
He continues saying ”
out of physics with the string Theory came super numbers, super topology, super symmetric theories.”

“The goal of physics
is to find an equation perhaps not more than an inch long which will allow us to unify all the forces of nature and
allow us to read the mind of God.”
“A conclusion out of this is that
Good is a mathematician.”
“The mind of God is cosmic music, the music of strings resignating (?)
through elev dimension hyper space, that is the mind of God”.

“What is a mathematician?”
Michio Kaku has for sure his own definition of a mathematician. He answers to the question out of his definition. How you would answer depends on your definition of “mathematician”. You would probably no say he is a mathematician if you think that a mathematician is good in arithmetic as you think that God knows more than that.
Do you think that a mathematician is one who

  • is able to make difficult multiplications and divisions
  • can calculate a fraction of something, like one sixth of a million
  • is good in solving problems

If you have this definition and you believe that God is all knowing you would certainly answer:

Yes, God is a mathematician!

problems God had to solve

problem 1
Knowing the probability of the creation of a planet with a functioning biosphere, what is the initial proton mass needed and to be created at initial Big Bang nucleosynthesis, to get the necessary ingredients for one planets of the size of Tellus?

problem 2 
What properties and behaviours should the elementary particles have so the nucleosynthesis would work out well, to finally have  the basic atoms (Carbon, iron etc), able to evolve molecules like proteins and DNA?

problem 3
God knows how much cultivable land a human needs to live well, survive and procreate.
How big should Earth land surface be to have e.g. 5 billions humans living well and procreate on it?

problem 4 
How much water should cover the Earth to give enough water (vapour, clouds, rain) to the cultivable land area? This gives the total area of the Earth needed to be a nice earth for humanity.

problem 5
Knowing the maternal mortality ratio, how many women should there be for every man for the human kind to be able to procreate?

Michio Kaku does not answer that Iuestion “is God a mathematician? ” but tells instead

“the mind of God is the cosmic music of strings”

For me a mind includes language habilities.  So I would rather answer

“The language of God is among others math”

Gods languages

God talked through many messengers like  Adam, Moses, Zarathushtra, Jesus and Mohamad.
Reliogious people would maybe hang me if I say that God talks to all humans included
Gautama Siddhartha, Einstein and Georges leMaître and whoever came with wisdom not being in contradiction with Scientific results and the messengers/prophets wisdom. He talked in
Persian (the language of Zarathushtra),
Judaic Aramaic (the language of Jesus),
Arabic (the language of Mohamad),
Greek (the language of some Gospels)

Math is is one of many languages

You can describe reality with math, like with

  • Numbers 0-9 you are able to describe incredibly small  and incredibly high quantities
  • fractions enabling you to describe proportions
  • geometry enabling to describe surfaces
  • statistics enabling you to describe probability
  • Trigonometry enabling you to describe object forms
  • units like sqrm, lit, g, m/s, cos, sin, tan to describe different kind of quantities
  • Formulas with variables describing object properties and behaviours
  • algoritms to describe behaviour sequences

Computers have been constructed to understand the math language.

You talk with computers with the math language to make it do things for you. likle draw worlds. With it I made my microbee computer (back in 1986), draw 3 dimensional functions on a screen (in 2 dimensions) In  a flight simulator  I made the computer draw a airport landing route properly according to the  distance from it.



The apostle John said.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” ( John 1:1 )

the Spanish Bible translation translated “Word” with “Verb” changing a little bit the meaning of it.

What was that “word” or “Verb” ?

“be” with a thought behind  like a
 ” string formula an inch long” (Michio Kaku) ?

Like I made the computer draw for me, God may have created elementary particles (objects like quarks, leptons, antiquarks, and antileptons) with variables (properties) and formulas ( behaviour it has to follow )

( Source: )

I am not a physician and a mathematician to understand the String Theory language. But Michio Kaku is on the same path as I am but he does not talk about God creating with math. He just says that

the mind of God is a cosmic sound of string
(ed. equal formulas)

Gods math

I have a few examples of Gods revieled math. Look in the an-Nisa Sura 4 in the Quran and you find aritmetics to tell about how to inherit in a just way. You find fractions like half, third, two thirds,  sixth.

Consequences of An-Nisa

The Muslims at the time of Mohamed calculated with fingers. How could they calculate 2 thirds of a million? These Quranic fractions made the Muslim search for help by a mathematician in India,   Brahmagupta who introducted zero to the arab number 1 to 9.

With the help of Alkharizmi  in the Bagdad House of wisdom, the scientific center of that time,. the arabs could develope modern aritmetics to be able to follow the message in An-Nisa, something we require all students to learn, like the positions system, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Europe it was thanks to the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, the abacus was abandoned in favour of modern (Indo arabic) calculation methods. 

So without this Quranic Sura we would today still calculate with fingers and with the Abacus.


Fractals and Divine numbers

One has not to forget the fractals,  the numbers pi and phi that are  often appearing around us. 

Image result Image result for phi


  • fractals are important to calculate the forms of  leafs and coasts
  • pi = 3.14159265359  important to calculate among others, the form of circles and globes, pi  = infinity – infinity called the Riemann (still unsolved) paradox
  • phi,  the Divine proportion the Golden ratio =

    1.6180339887498948420 … important to calculate among others, the form of galaxies.

God knows math and want us to know it as well, to be images of God.

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them” (  Genesis 1:27  )

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