The Satanic freedom

 – to be or not to be…. a human or an animal

I loved tan article of editor Virginie Larousse still readable at See screenshots of paper edition and the end of my post.

the editor writes about double value of Freedom and the origins of evil. Meditating about this I came to a hypothesis.


Some who do not have freedom, dream for it  and claim “More democracy” and do anything to gain it.  Later when they have it, they dont know how to use it, get attacked by anxiety and “regress to safety”.

This edition of Le Monde recommends reading “Why the women have choosen daech.


Somalia Source:



Somali Muslim burqa walkoutWe had a similar question 10 years ago. We got to to know that  some girls from Somalia never used hijab in Somalia. But they started to use it here in Sweden. We thought it started as some Swedish Muslim teachers or Imam here in Sweden required the girls to use it and Boko Haram started ruling in Africas horn and created fear among Somalis.

The black night of our Soul

Virginie mentions the poem “the black night of my soul” of the Spanish Saint John of the Cross’ and  Mother Theresas “the night of our faith”

Btw,  Eckhart Tolle writes about The night our the soul  in

The question is still, why isn’t this world perfect? I go back to  the Islamic creation of Adam, were the Quran gives more details.

Origin of Evil in Islam

: “And the jinn,  he created from a smokeless flame of fire.
Quran 5:15 and Quran 5:27)

God created jinn  (ed. Satan, the Quranic name of Satan)   and gave jinn freedom of choice, to be  able to give Adam and  humans, “evil suggestions”. The same is for the human kind.  We were created in Gods image with freedom of choice. And there comes the  devil to  saw his evil seeds (suggestions) in the human minds. 

the Islamic God, informes the angels about Adam. From the Stories of the prophets page 3:

Allah the Almighty revealed (ed. to the Angels) :
“Remember when your Lord said to the angels: ‘Verily, I am going to place
mankind generations after generations on earth.’ They (ed. the angels) said: ‘Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, while we glorify You with praises and thanks (exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You.’ Allah said: ‘I know that which you do not know.’

What did the Islamic God know? Was it about how God was to guide human kind with the revelations and his messengers Moussa, Jesus and Muahamad? Was it about how humanity has to learn to use its brain, power, intelligence and conscience to make and keep peace on Earth?

Human with free will or
stay animals, guided by phobias and instincts, fighting for survival

We could have been left as animals in the “safe” djungle ruled  by instincts and fear. 

I think it is rather nice an ancestor of mine , a blanc slate homo sapiens  was given a Soul (Adams Soul  incarnated) and became a Homo sapiens sapiens with a a free will knowing about good an bad. Instead of continuing with the Neanderthal life.

I am happy I inherited Homo sapiens sapiens genes even if this means struggle and suffering myself and knowing about humanity  experiencing  severe crisis, like these

Examples of evilness

Second World war,
mass deportations, like the deportation of The Assyrians

Several Diaspora like the diaspora of 

Duty and responsibility to take care of this planet

I think we have been created to learn to behave correctly and go the right way ( sirata mustaqima in Sura 1 Al Fatiha)   and take care of this planet and each other (love everyone and be good sheperds).   it is our duty to do what we can, to defend our childrens from evil and fight evil in the world, in our family, our neighborhood, in the world being good examples,  like Sidhartha Gautama  and Jesus as well as  many other humans  have been  (Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa…), following the prophets good advices. What is good may you ask.  We can understand what are good and evil advices. This capacity is inherited in our homo sapiens sapience brains.

  • like the Buddhists say: we are born to a life with suffering. Siddhartha Gautama gave us good paths to follow to be able to  survive  it (e.g. the eight fold path)
  • jesus said “Love your enemie” and “forgive 7×77 times” to be able to fight evil.
  • Zarathushtra said in his song to do good deeds, have good thoughts and use good words something also theSiddhartha Gautama said.
  • ther Quran says we have to convince others about our believes  with good words and manners. ( Quran 29:46 )
  • the Taoists think that Creation itself has inherent forces of evil and good, Ying and Yang and we have to help our childrens dealing with that. 

The prize of being human with freewill.

Christian and Muslim revelations talk about hell. Are we put on earth to be tried? That seems like a sadistic decision. But it looks like this is the prize of becoming human. As a father and mother you have to take riscs with your childrens. Thwey learn by doing. You have to let them go alone one day to school. They must met evil and dangers to learn to live with it. So it is with humanity. Humanity must make mistakes to learn to be good shepherds. 

Enlightment  of humanity requires several reincarnations

Zarathushtra and Gautama Siddhartha developes the view of learning with the knowledge about the “Wheel of life”.. We as individuals are given more than a lifetime to learn. We learn in our afterlife too. And we continue to learn in our next life being reincarnated.

As you may know, if you reach Nirvana, Buddhahood, in this life, you wont need to  be reincarnated. Dalai Lama is making his 14th reincarnation. 

Zoroastrianism says this about death, our next phase:

“the Soul would remain on earth for a three days and nights, hovering near the body.  Then it would depart to the spiritual realm, led by Daena, the guardian spirit, where it would be greeted with a vision of the thoughts, words and actions it performed when it was inside the human body upon earth.”

The Teaching of Buddha reminds about the importance of listening to the fist messengers we met, may it be Adam, Siddhartha Gautama, Zarathushtra, Moses or Jesus. 

King Yama, the Lord of Death first asks the Soul if it met  the first messenger “among the humankind”.

If the Soul was negligent on Earth the Lord of Death explains “you will experience the fruit” (page 29-30) (ed. the fruit of your deeds)

It may seem sadistic to create a weak human being and,then  let it be tempted with evil suggestions guided by phobias and instincts and then condemn it to a  hell in the afterlife. But this may be the price of being human. To learn we must make experiences and then we have to take the consequences of our deeds. We do it already on Earth having awful dreams.

My hypothesis

God had to create Satan ( Quran 5:15 andQuran 5:27) to be able to create and develope  human kind to  make us become good shepherds here on Earth. To become good shephers we have to learn to deal with good and evil choices in life. The same with dangers and accidents.  We must learn that we can not kill all the wolves if one of them killed one of our sheeps.

And for everyone of us. To have a good life and afterlives, we must follow the the eight fold path and similar recommendations from the messengers. We have otherwise to hope for Gods mercifullness in our afterlife  that he may soon give you another opportunity being reincarnated in a new body and life. (Buddhist view and wisdom)

And we know  God is forgiving and  merciful… and as Christians know, God even “love his enemy” and  “forgive  7×77 times”.

God created Satan (“Jinn” Quran 5:27 ). I would not have liked to have been created as Satan here on the world. Would you? 🙂 Look at the fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television serie Lucifer and think about it. 🙂


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