Steven pinker chalks it up to the Blank slate

For my “Unified creation theory” to grow and mature with the idea of Adam incarnated in a hybrid body with a blanc slated brain,  I need to know more about the brain and the mind. Steven Pinker helps in teh video below to do some progresses.

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Some important facts
mentioned by Steven, I think are important to consider:
(11:19) ,means that the citation comes from minute 11:19 in the video:
  • kids come to the world with certain temperaments and talents, it doesnt come all from outside
  • the mind of man and woman are not indistuingishable
    genetics and neuroscience are increasingly showing that the brain is intricately structured
  • identical twins separated at birth show quite astonishing similarities.
  • if we’re blank slates, then, by definition, we are equal
  •  if something is written on the slate, then some people could have more of it than others, and according to this line of thinking, that would justify discrimination and inequality.
  •  if we are blank slates, we can perfect mankind — the age-old dream of the perfectibility of our species through social engineering.
  • Whereas, if we’re born with certain instincts(without a blanc slate), then perhaps some of them might condemn us to selfishness, prejudice and violence.
  • the human mind is a complex system with many parts, and some of them can inhibit others.
  • So even if people did have impulses towards selfishness or greed, that’s not the only thing in the skull, and there are other parts of the mind that can counteract them.
  •  there’s excellent reason to believe that virtually all humans are born with a moral sense, and that we have cognitive abilities that allow us to profit from the lessons of history.
  • 11:19 There is no society ever discovered in the remotest corner of the world that has not had something that we would consider the arts.
  • 19:53  Identical twins, or any siblings, who are separated at birth are no less similar than if they had grown up together.  Everything that happens to you in a given home over all of those years appears to leave no permanent stamp on your personality or intellect.
  • Anton Chekhov, who said, “Man will become better when you show him what he is like.


A friend psychologist of mine told me this and that the basic idea of the behaviorist perspective  is that a human being can learn everything.

Behaviorism is concerned with how environmental factors (called stimuli) affect observable behavior (called the response).” (source: )

In my reading (source: I stumbled into

Evolutionary Psychology

“A central claim of evolutionary psychology is that the brain (and therefore the mind) evolved to solve problems encountered by our hunter-gatherer ancestors during the upper Pleistocene period over 10,000 years ago.”
(source: )

According to finding near the Sea of Galilee in Israel homo sapiens and Neanderthals lived near each other between 60.000 and 60.000 years ago. A hypothesis is that they could have interbreed during this period of time.
(Source; )1

A jaybone from a Homo sapiens hybrid,  discovered in Romania, lived about 40 000 years ago.  
( Source: )

My question is now

“Did the hybrid Homo Sapiens living 40000 years ago in Romania  have a Blanc slate?”

I doubt that further DNA studies in the future may reveal information about that.

Evolutionary psychologists may however have something to say about that one day, if I find someone to talk with. 

parts of the mind that can counteract impulses

Even if the Romanian Hybrids had experiences and instincts, as Steven Pinker says “even if people did have impulses towards selfishness or greed, that’s not the only thing in the skull, and there are other parts of the mind that can counteract them.” e.g. the mind parts Adam brought to the Earth.

Mind parts like the frontal lobe. that control other parts of the mind. This reminds me about DNA replicator inhibitors. Were parts of DNA control other parts of DNA.
A uquestion of mine is now,

Was the Romanian Hybrid Homo sapiens
Blanc slate located in the frontal lobe?

parts of the brain imageImage source:

The frontal lobe function “Carries out higher mental processes such as thinking, decision making, and planning?” (Source: )
The frontal lobe can as we know, control instinctual behaviors like ” eating, drinking, sex, anger, and reproduction.”.

“The hypothalamus controls hormone secretions from the nearby pituitary gland. These hormones govern growth and instinctual behavior such as eating, drinking, sex, anger, and reproduction.”)

(Source: )