Quantum Physics and Religion

The Aspect experiment revieled about quantum entanglement between two photons:

“The most dramatic and ultimate proof of quantum theory is the Aspect experiment, named after the French quantum physicist Alain Aspect. In 1982, he and his research team implemented successfully the test that had been long in the making, starting with a thought experiment suggested by Einstein. Very simplified, Aspect and his colleagues created two photons from the same quantum event and observed them as they speeded into opposite directions. After they had traveled some distance with the speed of light, the researchers changed the polarization for only one of them. (Polarization is the orientation of the wave that corresponds to each photon.) As a result, the other photon adopted the opposite polarization, even though the two were far apart. Relativity theory tells us that no information can travel faster than light. What kind of interaction between the two photons could account for this?” (Source: http://wiki.c2.com/?GrandUnifiedTheory )

I try to simplify this.

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  1. We have  photon twins, born from the same  quantum. they are moving away from each other at light speed. One does never see the light of the other.
  2. photon twins behave always the same. They send always the same light wave.
  3. if  one of the twin photons change the wave (from a red to a green wave as in the picture above) , the other twin photon will do exactly the same, shifting to a green wave even if it they are at a huge distance from each other and not seing the others wave.

The question is “How do the photons comunicate with each other to send the same wave when they can not see the other?”

This relationship between twin photons is called “Quantum entanglement”

Quantum entanglement is in part explained by Philip Ball in his lecture “Quantum Biology: An Introduction” min 38

Entanglement is what today explains some birds magnetoreception.

I write about this in http://www.kinberg.net/wordpress/stellan/2018/01/17/quantum-biology/ 

At Chalmers I learned many years ago about the magic of electrons.

You may see electrons a shoes. One electron my look like a left foot shoe. Electrons can suddenlt change shape to become a right foot shoe.

The other well known magic about electrons is that they can disappear  on one side of the nucleus and appear on the other thus creating an image that looks like a cloud. Frome there we have the name of electron clouds the are many shapes of electron clouds or regions were the electrons appear in the atom. here are a few  kind of electron clouds.

I dont like the name orbitals used in the picture as it reminds to much of the old atomic planetary perception.

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View video about electron clouds on  http://study.com/academy/lesson/the-electron-shell.html

For me the life of the electron and now the life of photons are two smal examples that nourish my  “unbounded admiration for the structure of the world” (Read more about Einstein quotes here ) 

The reason I look for answers in holy books are because of this quote of Einsterin

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. - Albert EinsteinImage source : https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins161289.html. Quote to be found also in http://www.notable-quotes.com/e/einstein_albert.html

About “religion without science is blind”.

Dalai Lama said “Religion Without Quantum Physics Is an Incomplete Picture of Reality”

read more with me about the Dalai Lama quote above,  in