Adam, the first prophet


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Adam and Eve are mentioned in my grandfathers book (published in Stuttgart 1906), as the first  humans ( He asked 1906 if Adam had ancestors and ignored  the fact that the  Bible clearly tells that Adam was created by God, something that all childrens had to learn in Biology lessons in Sweden 100 years ago.

I want to share what I know and believe about Adam. Adam was  according to the Bible,  the first man and he was created by God with dust in a Paradise here on Earth.

Muslims believe that Adam was the first man created with clay in Paradise. But the Paradise was according to the Muslims not created by God on Earth but in Heaven something that has many implications I will talk about in my posts about Human evolution.

The qURANIC Adam did not obey God in Paradise. he ate from the prohibited tree. As a punishment he was given knowledge of all creatures on Earth and then sent down to Earth. 

Knowing about this, you ,ay understand why Adam was the first prophet on Earth for the Muslims.

It is very difficult to figure out who Adam was for the Muslims just by reading the Qu ran (You find a reliable Swedish and Finnish version at

Searching for “Adam” in
you find  the name Adam  56 time(s) in 47 verse(s) in the Quran.

A former pupil of me informed me about a very good pdf about the prophets where I can read about Adam. You find it looking for “profeterna.pdf    islamguiden“.
This document is in Swedish.

Here you can read the English version from Islamicline

islamicline stories_of_the_prophets

Here you can read profeterna.pdf from in Swedish