Don’t touch our anti-mafia prosecutor!

Luigi de MagistrisSomething incredible is going on in south Italy. Students are having a petition (now with 19219 signatures) requiring that a prosecutor, Luigi De Magistris, (photo on the right) should  continue his work against the Mafia. The Ministre of Justice, Clemente Mastella wants to remove this prosecutor from his work probably because of some revealings in July. Luigi De Magistris is working on a Mafia case were politicians and mafiosi seems to cooperate in criminal activities. Luigi de Magistris has the Prime Minister Romano Prodi's name on his table as his name showed up in a mobile phone. (La Repubblica 14 July 2007) The Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella told Luigi de Magistris that it is a criminal act to reveal such facts. (La Repubblica 17 July 2007). The Italian newspapers, obviously cooperating with the Italian politicians, totally ignore the mail sent by Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino to the Head of State, were they ask that Luigi de Magistris should be kept on his successful anti-mafia work. Salvatore Borsellino is the brother of Paolo Borsellino, a judge killed 19 July 1992, by the mafia.


They had a "De Magistris Day" the 28th September in Catanzaro and collected more than 5000 names. The anti-mafia blog is documenting this event.

Who is Clemente Mastella?

Clemente MastellaMastella has promoted (as justice minister) a general amnesty in 2006 which brought to a considerable increase of crime rates in Italy. (Wiki) It was an amnesty that, as Beppe Grillo says in his blog and many Italians believe, was invented to help criminal politicians from getting prisoned rather than to give prisoners amnesty. 

Clemente Mastella is very well known in Italy for a Mafia scandal. "Clemente Mastella and Salvatore Cuffaro were involved in a scandal when it was found that they had been the best men of Francesco Campanella, a former member of the Mafia that helped the Boss Bernardo Provenzano during his absconding." (Wiki) Sonia Alfano and Salvatore Borsellino, tell about this story in their censored mail to the Italian President. (

Shame you Clemente Mastella. You should instead listen to Paolo Borsellino, his lesson about the mafia