Vaping eliquid dangerous?

In the RSalute segment, page 50  of Italian Repubblica November 8 2018, I read  that :

The saliva of a small group of e-cigarette users contained increased levels of three DNA-damaging compounds according to a research made in BIrmingham. David Ticket in Birmingham says that the products of heated polypropylene glycole in e-juice, have toxic effects on the immune system alvaeolar macrophage in the lungs.

Thes chemicals are formaldehyde, acrolein and methylglyoxal

They do not tell what kind if eliquid was used. Most people have some kind of flavour in the juice.  Flavours have been a issue before.

The article also says “The most concerning findings were related to acrolein, which is produced when glycerol is heated”

Propylene glycole looks like this:

With the heat in the coil tea ch propylene glycole moelcule loose three hydrogen atoms and you get q Acrolein  molecule and three water molecules.


mage sources:  ( Wikipedia and )

How do we get it into the lungs” it should remain in the juice or in the mouth salive. 

S ource: 

Jeremiahs vision of God



This Sunday Geremia 31:7-9 was read at the Catholic Mass here in Italy.

I decided during the Mass that I will continue reading JEREMIAH during the week. I attend the Jehovah witness  (JW) meetings to learn more about the old testament (OT). A friend of mine who does not like JW at all, said, “Why don’t you read the old testament at home? My friend inspired me to find this solution this Sunday. Maybe I will continue next week with a follow up of next Sundays OT reading.



jeremiah 52

Today I read Jeremiah 52:1-11 in My Italian Bible. Here are parts of the text in English that made me think and reactIt was because of the Lord’s anger that all this happened to Jerusalem and Judah, and in the end he thrust them from his presence. … Babylon killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes; he also killed all the officials of Judah. 11 Then he put out Zedekiah’s eyes, bound him with bronze shackles and took him to Babylon, where he put him in prison till the day of his death.”



Jeremiah told  probably what in fact historically happened. But Jeremiah also shares his  own human view about God. He obviously believed that God allowed this and  even sent and  helped the Babilonian to do this massacre.

I don’t believe in a God that behaves like stupid and sick humans like e.g. Hitler. As Jesus said according to Matthew matthew/5-38.htm to 41) “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.’ If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” Jesus shows a vision of a “intelligent and loving God.” War leads to war and God knows that.

I can not believe that Jeremiah was inspired by God or God told Jeremiah this human image of God.

Jonas Gardell wrote a book called “Om Gud” (about God) that is about the perception of God during the OT time and how it developed to the Christian vision of a loving and forgiving God.


I recommend that book to anyone interested like me about God and trying to understand the OT.


eleventh sourdough

I made another two sourdough breads in Sweden. So this is my eleventh sourdough bread. This time I am doing it in Italy, on the island of Lipari, Aeolian Islands. As I had no starter with me from Sweden I had to make one myself. I followed Manfred  Enoksons receip in my main sourdough page at  

I tell below under STARTER my work with it.

Thi bread didn’t become as I wanted. I lost half of my sourdough. Read more below.

HINT. The main page about sourdough, its preparing methods, history and science is documented in




The starter I use is starter B (se below). This time I make a levain and sourdough with Italian Wheat flour and integrale. It is the first time I do it in Italy with my Italian Ariston hotpoint oven.

Making levain starting Friday October 26 at 9 pm.


Making a starter

As said in my introduction I tfollowed Manfred  Enoksons rreceip in my main sourdough page at 

The problem however was that I did not find apples cultivated without poisons, that is ecoapples. 

My first starter (A) was made  with a wheat flour mix (50% Gran Mugnaio tipo 00 and 50% integrale Casillo).  Starter A did not get a god taste and smell.  I thought it was because  I used water from my rainwater tank that is not 100% free from unwanted bacteria.

I made another starter (starter B) with the same kind of wheat mix (50% Gran Mugnaio tipo 00 and 50% integrale Casillo) and apple. But this time I used  Italian Fontenoce naturale water.

Starter B got a god acid taste and had no bad smell. Its is not bubbly.

It has now been in the refrigerator about a week and I nourished it a few times with spoons of Barilla wheat type 00 and fontenoce water.

Adding yeast to the sourdough

I talked with a friend who is pastry chef in Barcelona, Sicily. He recommended me to add some yeast to the sourdough. My starter B did not became bubbly. As the apples I used in starter B are not ecoaples, maybe there were no natural yeast cells alive on the apple shell I used. When I prepared the sourdough I added therefore a spoon of yeast solution to my starter B hoping to soon get CObubbles in he starter. Here is Manfreds video. he talks Swedish but you seehow he is doing the starter .


Making levain

Levain ingrediences (started with this 11.30 pm Friday October 26, day 1 ) 

  • 180 gram Barilla type 00 wheat flour (~3 dl) 
  • 180 gram Casillo integrale wheat flour (~ 3 dl) 
  • in
  • 50 gr Fontenoce water (~ 5 dl) and 
  • 2 table spoons of starter B (se above)

~ in the refrigerator in my Swedish plastic bucket with lid.



Create the sourdough

I let the levain stay in the refrig more hours as I had to go to the supermarket to buy yeast. This made it impossible for me to bake in the evening.

(Start 12.10 am Saturday October 27 day 2) 
In this dough I used 12 dl Barilla type 00 flour and 1 dl Casillo integrale 


  • I used all  the levain
  • mixed it in 5 dl  water where  I solved  1 packet of fresh yeast.
  • I added the 12 dl Barilla type 00 wheat flour  ( 1 dl Caillo wheat integarale).
  • (Should be 14 next time with this Barilla + 1 dl integrale)
  • 12.20  45 min rest (Rest 1) in room temp in a plastic box with a lid over to protect humidity


Stretching and resting

creating protein network

All stretches and room temp rest were made in my multipurpose bucket with lid.

  • 12:55 stretch 1 with wet hands. Very wet but slimy. Added about 5 gram dry salt. 
  • 18.50 stretch 2 . nice and slimy. sprinkled 1 dl buitoni  wheat flour to make it less wet.
  • 14:05 Stretch 3
  • 14:45 stretch 4.
  • 15:25. Divided in 2 parts and put each part in its bowl covered with owen paper I got from my nerighboor. This was a bad solution as the paper sticked to the dough. The paper became wet and I could not remove the paper from one of the doughs. Had to throw the dough paper mix in the compost waste bucket.
  • (The dough I saved should, after the stretching  part, have rested for about 6- 8 hours (“Over night” to  get acidity.)


Final stretch  and formatting

Monday  October 28 0:30 am day 3 ) 

As I couldnt bake it so late, i were tired,  I decided to let it rest until the day after. but t midnight I thought about the doughs in the refrigerator wondering if they didnt dry as I did not cover them. I looked at the doughs. They had got nice volume but the paper sticked to the doughs and I could not remove the paper from one of the doughs. I succeeded to remove the paper from one of the doughs. Now it was 1 am. As the clocks are moved back 1 hour this night (we are moving to winter time)  I decided to bake this dough.

Bread bakers start at 4 am. So why not start 0:30 am?

  • 1:0  am . I stretched it without breaking it a few times over a floured surface and shaped it to a baguette.


Fermenting – producing  CO2 bubbles

  • Set  the  oven to mac temp Celsius to get a higher room fermenting temperature.
  • 1:00 am.  I laid  the dough on the baking sheet with olive oil on the bottom to ferment 30 min.
  • It became a flat fish. I have heard about this before that sourdoughs without gluten easily loose their shape and get flat


Baking preparation

  • 2 am Oven on max 275 Celsius.
  • I cut the top of the dough
  • .

  • Baking

The oven I have in Italy is a Ariston Hotpoint. I did not know how to use the different programs. Only after 25 minutes of baking, reading the manual, I discovered that I probably have to use the Oven pastry program.

  • 2 am bake 25 minutes in max temp with ventilation
  • 2.20. I lowered the temp to 175. (I could have had it 45 min in max as I have done before but I were tired and afraid to burn the bread)

Cooling and tasting

The bread was fully baked.  The taste is ok bu i not so acid. Maybe the yeast I added nrutralized the lactic acid baceria.



Maybe the yeast cells i added took over and neuralized the lactica acid bacteria removing the acidity. If I add yeast I dhould maybe to add so much making it easier for the bacteria to survive.

Baking paper
I must get a good baking paper but not use it during the last rest in refrigerator.

I must plan to bake in evening or weekend when the electricity is cheaper. 

Sourdough making start
I can make teh levain day 1 late. But I have to start making the sourdough as early as possible (8 am?) so I can start the baking procedure 6 pm.


The evolution of cooperation in South Italy.

there looks to be some kind of concurrence between the Aeolian Islands and the litle harbour of Milazzo in Sicily, where most boats and airfoils start their transfers to the islands.

 I experienced a few times that boats for some unknown reason did not depart to the islands. It happened to me that I had to stay overnight on Christmas Eve in Milazzo instead of being home on my island. the weather wasnt to bad for the last boat to make the transfer. People explained that the personel decided to stay at home as it was Christmas.  The hotel where I stayed overnight was happy to have a few rooms rented out. 

A troup of photographer and photmodels planned to come to Vulcano to make a  photo session a few days ago. They had to renounce as the same boat company canceled the departure.

Did the boat staff made a favor to the Milanese hotels? On the long run, I would say absolutely not.

I wrote an article about the evolution and importance of cooperation some time ago. You can find it at

Nobody earns in the long term with destructive actions and unfair competition.

If the islands miss visits, Milazzo restaurants, shops and bars in Milazzo loose money. And in the long run they will not even have beds sold with bad weather. I would think that if I am in Catania, I would go to Syracuse where I have friends, instead of taking the risc to stay overnight in Milazzo. For the Milazzo people it should not be difficult to understand this.

The Milazzo hotels have their own tourist share when the adverse sea helps them.  But is that enough? It is good they take care of the tourists and island inhabitants. But why be happy with that? With inteligence and local area cooperation Milazzo  can do a lot. Look at the photo above of CApe Milazzo. I  also imagine a lot of nice trecking possibilities in the mountains between Etna and Milazzo if they prevent the woods from getting burned during the summer season. Sicliy is indeed wonderful and can attract a lot of Tourism. Look at Palermo in October when the hotels were all booked.  People from northern Europe like me do their best to flee from the winter darkness to get some sun. Sicily and the Aeolian islands can offer that. I have the last ten years spent my Christman and New Years Eve in Siclity and  Lipari enjoying a lot of trecking and even New years Eve Swim in the Tirrenean sea that has Swedish summer water temperature.

But they should  not forget that the Milazzo inhabitants can do a lot to develop their local tourism too with the beautiful beaches they have, with the Milazzo Castle and promontory and its bronze age settlements.

Booking just informed “Prices in Milazzo dropped again.”

Hotel owners in Milazzo and on the Aolian islands should met and share knowledges and ideas how to develop the MIlazzo – Barcellona area.If someone has made errors and is not a Christian hypocrit, ask for forgivness and reopen the doors for a constructive  dialog.

Milazzo needs the Aeolian Islands.

The Aeolian islands needs Milazzo.


I like the initiative and work of 



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