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I wrote about Marys miraculous conception last year in

Let me paste the text of Luke 1:26-38

26 In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, of the House of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. 28 He went in and said to her, ‘Rejoice, you who enjoy God’s favour! The Lord is with you.’ 29 She was deeply disturbed by these words and asked herself what this greeting could mean, 30 but the angel said to her, ‘Mary, do not be afraid; you have won God’s favour. 31 Look! You are to conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you must name him Jesus.”

Despite being a doctor, Luke did not know that the birth of a boy requires a egg. and Mary had all eggs created since before her own birth.

“every woman is born with all her eggs already inside her ovaries” ( Source: )

So the miracle is really a miraculous fertilizing of one of those 7 million eggs released from the ovaries at ovulation.

Of course noone at the time of Jesus knew about this.

And probably many Christians listening to Luke today still don’t.

So half of Jesus was already created when Mary was in her mothers womb, maybe 13 years earlier.

So if Luke would have known this, he would have had problems writing that Jesus is “Son of God”instead of “the son of God and Mary”

Despite this, the story Luke wrote is a well written and, nice and motivated tale.

This tale was necessary at the time of Luke

I omitted this part in my demythologized Luke Gospel as I feel that the authority of Jesus is not given by the way he was conceived but by his words and actions.

We should not get blinded by miracle stories and not listen to the great teaching of Jesus.

As jesus said

“Unless you see signs and wonders,
you will in no way believe.” (Jn 4:48)

Site news and math teaching

I have updated my menu (issue LEARNING -MATH )  with thoughts about 
probability in

I take the opportunity to tell that  I saw a beautiful lesson about Babylonia math in Youtube. I recommend it for my  math teacher colleagues and frends. I had to write this comment in Youtube about it where I tell about my own math teaching:

“Great lesson Tibee. You are a *very talented* teacher. I followed math history when teaching from grade 4 to 7 teaching. Kids math skills develope well following how the human kind developed its math skills. A. So we started the first years (grade 4 )working hard with fractions learning among others about the egyptian use of fractions. B. When my pupils were skilled enough with fractions and had a good knowledge of fraction values (grade 5-6, knowing also about 1/10, 1/100 etc) we were ready to start with the decimal system , So it was time to tell about the Egyptian and Roman number system and how the 0 came from Brahmaguptas India with Al Khwarizmi to Bagdad, how “arabic math” many years later was imported to Europe with abacus with Fibonacci. In grade 5-6 we started gradually with algoritms (from easy (addition) to more advanced (subtraktion, multiplication and division). 9/10 of My pupils were imigrants from and some born in arabic speeking countries. They, where very proud of “their” story of math and got more motivated to learn “arabic math”. Not only. We avoided the typical problems many kids have with our decimal system du to lack of fraction “maturity”. I have “Histoire universelles de chiffres” written by Georges Ifrah. You seem to have read this book too. I have never had time to deepen the Babylonian 60 system described in the book. It is a pity you didnt had this video here on Youtube 20 years ago. 😉 Greetings from a retired math teacher whose passion for almost 30 years was math and math teaching.” 

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