Jesus baptism and paedobaptism



Today at Mass John 1,29-34 is read   (Italian version: Gv 1,29-34 )

It reminded my about Jesus baptism that was celebrated on Monday. I decided to take a pause from my math Fourier studies and writing.

This is a update of a post i published January 13 2019.

January 13 the Catholic Mass read about Jesus baptism 30 years old. Jesus baptism has been discussed since the begining of Christianity.

“Baptists—and “Bible churches” in the Baptist tradition—insist that baptism is only for those who have come to faith. Nowhere in the New Testament, they point out, do we read of infants being baptized.” (Source: )

I wanted to baptice my childrens in my Catholic church but were not allowed to do that because I never went to mass at that time. We could have done that in the Protestant church but I and the mother decided that the childrens could do that as adults instead, like Jesus did. 

This post led me into a paradigm shift.



The text

I do not add here the text of this Sunday but share texts that may refer to neonatal baptism.

Jesus about baptism

according to  Matthew  28:19 Jesus said after he arise from death:

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”

If this is a true testimonial or a invention from the apostle to justify paedobaptism, remain to be seen.

Matthew 3:13 says:

“03:13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to John,
to be baptized by him. But John would have hindered him, saying, “I need to be  baptized by you, and you come to me?”

Mark 01:05 writes why John the Baptist baptized like this:
All the country of Judea and all those of Jerusalem went out to him. They were baptized by him in the Jordan river, confessing their sins.

Mark 01:09 says then “It happened in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in the Jordan.”

Probably Matthew relied on the writings of Mark.

But the apostle John didnt follow Mark. John starts his Gospel 01:29  with Jesus coming to John the Baptist but the apostle John never writes that Jesus got baptized by John. Why?


The message

I have wondered for long time why Jesus wanted to be baptized by John according to Mark and Matthew. But as john never mention this, I begun wondering  if Jesus ever let himself be baptized.

Maybe after all, Jesus never thought he needed to make “a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins” as Mark 01:04 writes or to “confess his sins”)


History of paedobaptism

he Greek Bishop Gregory of Nazianz wrote in the second century: ” what do you have to say about those who are still children, and aware neither of loss nor of grace? Shall we baptize them too?’  Certainly [I respond], if there is any pressing danger. Better that they be sanctified unaware, than that they depart unsealed and uninitiated”. Read more

Neonatal death  was very common 2000 years ago. Probably because of that, the Catholic church started  the tradition to baptice newborn babies as soon as possible. Mybe the church did it “to save these newborn from hell or from the original sin”.

Michael Servetus who was sentenced to death because of heresy, said about paedobaptism:

“It is an invention of the devil, an infernal falsity for the destruction of all Christianity.” ( Source: )

I do not understand why he came to this strong conclusion.



updating my article about Jesus baptism I experienced a paradigm shift and understood that I must change somewhat my story about the young Jesus.

Jesus may have baptized with John to rbe a good example for others and to repent his behaviour as a young child when he made his parents scared by not following them out of the temple.

What happens if you die and are not baptized as infant? does not answer on that question but says that “you are not saved” if you are not baptized. Read more in 

The pope Benedict 16 said that as we choose to get childrens so we should baptize them as “with the baptism they are protected by God” Read more in the Italian site also says “Thus the early Church Fathers wrote in the Nicene Creed (A.D. 381), “We believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins.” 

Only the Witnesses of Jehovah do not practice infant baptism. (read more in )


As the church regards Jesus as God and therefore his baaptising not a baptising for the sins, the church started the tradition of paedobaptism. Jesus baptism was like a paedobaptism despite his documented 30 years of age.

Despite what Jesus said in Matthew, maybe Jesus himself did errors as a small child and wanted therefore to get baptized for the sins made during his youth.



Fourier series



This post has become part of my Learning math serie. (Check the menu above)

I am looking for some reason at Fourier series.

I found a nice video from 3Blue1Brown, visualizing what a Fourier transform is but it never learned me how to make calculation with Fourier series.
I have found a few video in Youtube from Acadian Learning School, I will share here.

I studied math at University about 30 years ago and I seldom teached math at high school level. So  I had to refresh  some old math knowledges, like:

To make integral clculations and plots,I also had to install these programs on my Ubuntu linux laptop:



Fourier serie lessons

Here is the 3Blue1Brown Fourier transform visualizing video

As said in my introduction, Acadiana Learning center offers a Fourier course that I think is the best to start understanding Fourier and how to make calculations with it.

About my notes

For me it is important to take notes to think about , to better understand. I share with you my notes here on this page.

There is transcript like with Ted youtubes. So, if you have problems with math English and reading transcripts, you may find my  notes and images below useful so you can read the info with your language using the appropriate language button on my site.

All info is taken from this Acadiana Learning center Fourier youtube course.

I hope they dont mind me doing this.

(source: )

We have this periodic step function

This function f(x) is very similar to a sine function as seen in this image

Fourier has came to a solution of how to model the periodical step  function (f(x) above, mathematically as a integral of a sine and cosine  function like this one. 

He approximated f(x) as a sum of a constant a0, and a sum of of sine and cosine functions:

Fourier was able to calculate  the coefficient a0, an and bn.  ,.i fyou know these constants I(coeficients) the you can model any function cwith this equation.

The sine function better match and approximation of f(x) as f(x) is a odd function.  For even functions cosine terns are used. This will be shown mathematically as an  will turn out to be 0 with odd funtctions.

finding a0

JJean Baptiste Fourier found out how to calculate the value of the coefficient a0, an and bn.

to be He found out the a0 coefficient 1/2L where L= π.

For an and bn. he also found out formulas. So he developed for us 0these three equations:




Calculating an and bn.

TheAcadiana Learning center teacher show in the next coming videos (part 2 to 5) how Fourier calculated the value of an and bn

Calculating a1

As f(x) is divided in two parts, the integral/area calculation has to be split up in a sum of two (2) parts, the first from -pi (-π) to 0(zero) and the second from 0 (zero) to pi (π)

In the image below shows  clearly thath the sum of the two areas from -π to 0, is equal to 0.

The same happens with the two areas from 0 to π -So 


In part 2, the Acadiana Learning center teacher demonstrates that

  • for any value of n —-> a = 0 (zero).

Calculating bn

The teacher demonstrates that 

  • for n=even numbers  —->bn =0 (zero)
  • For n= odd numbers —-> bn = 4c/nπ




Fourier in action

To see what Fouriers equation does you must get a cartesian graph plotter. I downloaded and installed KM plot for linux on my Ubuntu laptop. You find good plotter for sure also with other operative systems.

in the video information in part 1 (source: )  we read:

“You can graph this with your calculator easily and watch the modeling in action. Make sure you’re in radian mode and let c=1

f(x) = 4/(pi)*sin(x) + 4/(3pi)*sin(3x) + 4/(5pi)*sin(5x) + 4/(7pi)*sin(7x) + 4/(9pi)*sin(9x) + 4/(11pi)*sin(11x)” (source: )

This equation is equivalent to 


  • a0 = 1/2n
  • an=0
  • bn for even numbers of n, is not calculated The integration goes from n=1 to n=11

I choosed to get a a cartesian plot and added the formual above

f(x) = 4/(pi)*sin(x) + 4/(3pi)*sin(3x) + 4/(5pi)*sin(5x) + 4/(7pi)*sin(7x) + 4/(9pi)*sin(9x) + 4/(11pi)*sin(11x)”

The plot  forf(x) = 4/(pi)*sin(x) + 4/(3pi)*sin(3x) + 4/(5pi)*sin(5x) + 4/(7pi)*sin(7x) + 4/(9pi)*sin(9x) + 4/(11pi)*sin(11x) showed up like this:


I tried to integrate from n=1 to 29 with 

f(x) = 4/(pi)*sin(x) + 4/(3pi)*sin(3x) + 4/(5pi)*sin(5x) + 4/(7pi)*sin(7x) + 4/(9pi)*sin(9x) + 4/(11pi)*sin(11x)+ 4/(13pi)*sin(13x)+ 4/(15pi)*sin(15x)+ 4/(17pi)*sin(17x)+ 4/(19pi)*sin(19x)+ 4/(21pi)*sin(121x)+ 4/(23pi)*sin(23x)+ 4/(25pi)*sin(25x)+ 4/(27pi)*sin(127x)+ 4/(29pi)*sin(29x) 

and got this plot:

The more intervalls the more precise the approximated plot. Its a plity,I dont know how to let my plotter plot with n=1 to n=999999999 with odd n.



I find it extraordinary that Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier born 21 March 1768 during his lifetime (he died – 16 May 1830)  had such a brilliant mathematical talent to create the Fourier equation that today 200 years late  in the digital era, is essential for  sharing music, speech recognition and building engines and bridges.

I like to know more about such talents. It is remarkable Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier story reminds me a little bit of Einstein.

Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier was a son of a tailor and soon lost his father. He learned math in a Benedectine order. He served in the Revolutionary committe during the French Revolution as well as a scientific adviser for Napoleon in his Egypt expedition 1798

How the h…. did he came up to this equation?

Was it that by studying structures looking like this that his math brain lift off and trigometry knowledges came to use?

Maybe he devloped and found use of Fourier series in this expedition.

The developing of his math must have been done during sparetime a little like Einstein did his math work during sparetime in the Swiss patent office. Read more in

Obvioulsy, not all great mathematician matured their genius in schools and Universities.

Studying Fourier, I learned again about integration and trigonometry something I did more than 30 years ago at Chalmers in Sweden. A great brain exercise. 



Language cultures


I read a splendid article in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica published January 10. As it is a translation of a article in EL PAIS written by ANTONIO MUÑOZ MOLINA I decided to look at the original article in Spanish to check the correctness in the Italian translation.

The title of the article is “En defensa de Greta”. It contains a interesting analysis of the Spanish and Italian culture and human attitude.

The article

Here is the Spanish English translation of some interesting parts:

It begins with:

“Greta Thunberg literally puts us face to face with our degree of personal responsibility to the great climate crisis which is already happening. She gives us the example of an activism……”

And now comes the view I am especially interested in:

“The people of my generation are politically educated in a world of  nice abstractions that did not need to transform into anything concrete in our daily lives.” 
“One said something and that was enough for something to become real instantly.”

<With the political and moral arrogance of that time we should have been vaccinated against this type of progressive heroism that consisted only of clouds of words destined to hide  behaviors that are often dirty. 

In Spanish: “hubiera debido vacunarnos contra ese tipo de heroísmos progresistas que consistían solo en nubes de palabras destinadas a envolver comportamientos con frecuencia canallescos.” Source: )

“We have met incorruptible wrestlers who rode in rage if they were not housed in luxury hotels….”

I really like the description “clouds of words to  hide dirty  behaviors” as it is often seen among some upper class people in Italy that are proud of the Italian literal history and that don’t want to identiy themselves with the lower “ignorant” class.


A new era of politicians

Some politicians have changed their comunication strategy, using a less abstract language but being skilled in lying and scareing. It started in Italy with  Mussolini who inspired party leaders like Giorgio Almirante of “Movimento Sociale”, Berlusconi of “Forza Italia” and today Salvini (la Lega). as in USA with Donald Trump many other  populistic party leaders, often on the right wing attract voters with unmotivated fear and  dangereous lies.

Some politicians that are not able to answer embarassing questions either go back hinding themselves under the ususal cloud of words or do their best to deviate with others answers or….

In Malta we have seen the worst scenario with the killing of Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia 2 years ago, a killing that reminds of the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

But many populist  leaders do not need to go so far, as they have cells (like ISIS cells) with fanatics that can act anytime.

The difference between these two classes of politicians

  • The “Cloud of word” politicians are difficult to understand and critizise. Burt they dont get the masses of voters neither.
  • The lying and treathening politicians on the other sider are dangereous as these attract easily many voters who do not have the possibility to check with reality.

Greta not only uses a language understandable for the masses but also shows how we can do to stop a climate change. Greta may become a raw non hyporit model for a new class of politicians that have a sincere will to change things without any hidden egosism

Asa friend of mine said “Politicians are schooled to talk but not to act.”

In Sweden we see many politicians who are able to use a understandable language but they still do not able to demarquerade the right wing Sverigedemokraterna (SD) lies and their spreading of unmotivated fear.

In Italy, I have not yet seen Italian politicians who are able to talk tot the people without falling into the old clouds (in Italian called politichese). It is a rooted instict to show intelligence and authoority by using difficult words and formulations. 


A agnostic pluralist seeker

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