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Signe was born in Freiburg in Breisgau in Germany the 3:d of November 1919. She lived in Germany until 1947 and worked there as a classical dancer in Freiburg, Wuppertahl and Nürnberg. After 17 years in Danemark and Sweden, she moved to Italy were she attended the Art Academy in Torino and later became a known painter.

Signe, my mother was an artist. I never could see her doing dance performances on the scene, at least I was to small to remember something about the few perfomances she had after 1953. She moved however like a classical dancer all her life. I remember her when she danced for friends eg at the hotel "Rocce Azzurre" in Lipari. As a teenager I couldn't really understand her dancing style, I was ashamed and wispered angry to her "That's not the way one should dance!".

I met a few of her youth and dance friends. Signe told me that Sergiu Celebidache was a friend and a pianist at the time of her dance carreer but I don't know if Sergiu and Signe ever worked together. Sergiu was a family friend and we met him often in Göteborg, Torino and on Lipari.

As a small boy, I met Signes best friend and dancer Gise Furtwängler. She worked many years with Signe.

Signe seldom liked to talk about the past, she didn't want to look back and I understand that. She had a difficult youth and life with the nazist regime and all the bombings at the end of the war. She told me how she survived the American bombing raids in Wuppertahl and in Nürnberg. In Nürnberg she and her ballet colleagues stayed all that terrible night in the basements of the Opera and at least Signe, probably loosed any hope of survival. She survived however but, as I heard from friends of her, Signe got deep wounds in her soul.

When she came to Italy, Signe begun a new life as an artist. She attented the Academy of Art in Torino and became a known painter in Italy. I remember all the expositions, the prices she showed me, all the painter friends (Filippo Scroppo, Elsa de Agostino, Adele Sogno among others), she had in Torino. She was very happy with her life during the years in Torino and also later in Lipari.

In Lipari she didn't paint any more but she was happy, dedicating her time to gardening and her goat that gave her cheese and cappucino milk. When I came to Lipari, I lived in Sweden at that time, we did a lot of hiking together on the island. We even stayed overnight in tent once on the top of Stromboli after a walk up from Ginostra. We also did a lot of snorkeling and she was proud of being able to enjoy the water nature.

Signe left a lot of paintings, drawings, mails from her mentor and teacher Max Terpis, as well as photos and articles. These helps me to better understand her past, her successful but obviously hard life as a dancer in the very dark years of Germany and her life as painter and nature lover in Italy.

Stellan Kinberg

Some notes

  • Born in Freiburg in Breisgau in Germany, 3 November 1919.
    (In the family photo Signe with her parents Fritz and Rut, her big borther Leif and her little sister Karin. Grandfather Fritz Geiges was a know glaspainter.)
  • Sigen takes high school examination at Hindenburgschule, Freiburg 17:th March 1938
  • Attend during three years Max Terpis Ballet school in Berlin - Charlottenburg
  • Engaged 1:th September 1940 - 31:th August 1942 as ballerina in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
  • Engaged 15:th September 1942 - 15:th August 1943 as ballerina in the "Stadttheater" in Wuppertal
  • Engaged as prima ballerina 1:th August 1943 - 31:th July 1944 in Nürnberg, Germany
  • Marriage with Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen 17:th August 1943 in Nürnberg. Witnessess were her sister Karin Geiges and Fritz Hjerting.
  • Moves to Kopenhagen 22:th April 1947
    30/8 1947 c/o Hjertring, Bogensegade 11
    Lives 20.1.1948 in St Kongensgade 671.
  • Married in Sweden with Ragnar Kinberg 14:th February 1953. Get his son Stellan 31 October 1953 in Göteborg.
    Became swedish citizen 7:th December 1953.
  • Takes bachelor or Arts with examinations in Greek, Latin, German languages and history at the University of Göteborg, Sweden 15:th April 1964
  • Moves to Torino, Italy in 1963.
  • Attend Academy of Art in Torino 1965 with Filippo Scroppo as teacher. Partecipates in several expositions as documented in the painter page.
  • Moves to Lipari, Aeolian Islands in south Italy 1977. Dedicates herself to gardening and photography.
  • Dies in Lipari Holy Friday, 10:th April 1998

In memory of a artist

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