Signe Geiges

You left me on the island (Lipari) Easter Friday 1998. You said many years ago:
“I came here to take care of the house and the land so you, my son can take it over one day”.
I never understood the full meaning and value of this until after you left.
You had to flee from Germany during the war, 31 years old. You understood therefore how I felt when I had to leave Italy 19 year old.
Signe suffered the summer heat, the chilly winters, and high winter humidity for about 21 years, without any good heating, living alone with very poor economical resources.

I am so thankful for your gift, the house, and the garden on the beautiful island of Lipari.  I will be able to fully enjoy your gift the day I retire.

I hope you will be happy with what I will do after my retirement, with your wonderful and loving gift, the house and the garden, 
I hope to be there will be a resurrection day. I hope to be able to welcome you back and talk.
There is so much to talk about.
I love you.
Göteborg, 1999

Signe and the dog Lento at the Magdalena site in Torino


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