Signe Geiges

“You  left us  on the island (Lipari) 1998. You said many years ago “I came here to take care of the house and the land so you my son, can take it over one day”. I never understood the full meaning and value of this. She suffered the chilly winter temperature and high winter humidity about 21 years without any good heating living alone with very poor economical resources. I am so thankful for your gift, the house and land on this beautiful island, i finally am able to enjoy in retirement. I hope you will be happy with what I have done with your wonderful and loving gift, the houses of the goats, the land and the house. The day you come back (the day of resurrection), I hope to be there welcoming you and talk with you. I love you.”

Signe and the dog Lento at the Magdalena site in Torino


In memory of a artist

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