1400% trade tarifs on glasses from Thailand

Swedish politicians and newspaper cry because USA is thinking to set trade tariffs on Swedish poducts. But Sweden  put up to 1400% trade tarifs on import from Thailand where the US company obviously produce these. US just thought, Sweden starts the trading war.

Stefan Löwén said 20180603

“Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven cautioned that President Donald Trump’s plan to impose additional trade tariffs “will hurt us all in the long run” during a White House summit on ( Tuesday” Source:   https://www.politico.com)

I ordered two glasses for a E-cig for 0.5 USD. These glasses were not to be found here in Sweden. I had to pay 75 SEK (about 7 USD)  in VAT to get it the glasses from USA. The weight of these glasses were 0.034 kg.

Tullverket says 

“Duties are calculated based on an item´s customs value. The customs value includes both the invoiced amount for the item and the costs of transport to the EU border.”  Source:  (  www.tullverket.se  )

But that is obviously a lie.

I were afraid to get a similar tax on the propylene glycol I ordered from Amazon. But happily no duties this time. 

One has to look carefully were you buy things on Internet. I heard that  Wish has a special agreement with the Swedish  Postnord so you pay VAT directly when you order.

Obviously there is no extra charges if you buy from EPG operators.

Wiggen says in airsoft Sverige : translated by me to English :

 “With packages from abroad, what happens here in Sweden depends on the country from which the shipment comes and what service it is shipped with (Rek, DPD, Postpaket etc). Without knowing what service your package is sent with, you can just sit and guess. The services that are shipped directly to your home are:

Amazon obviously included Swedish VAT in the price (~8USD) sent my glycole as a EPG package:




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