Distance teaching.

Under the Covid 19 lockdown, distance learning has become more and more a useful tool. I am very happy to have been able to help a talented grade 7 young man in India with this work about insulin production technique. We have used the Australian R2L technique in the writing of scientific facts. We talked with Whatsapp and worked in google document.
Have a look at his work at his nice work in  
I have added in my site menu under Learning – Technique.

Maria immacolata

Catholic feast

Today Italy celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. God is able to achieve anything, so to have Mary giving birth to Jesus without having sex with Joseph.  After all God made the Universe.

Immaculate = sex = sinful
But I dont like the adjective “immaculate” for Mary because the adjective   comes from  latin “sin macula” and means ” without any stain”. 

Using the name “Immaculate” Catholic clerics nourish the stupid idea that  having and enjoying sex is sinful.

Sick pedophily is a consequence of a repressed human nature, that is our sexuality. And we see a lot of sign of this around us.

No no, go on and  love yourself as your next.

Having sex without any moral or empathy and love is bad but sexuality in a relation of mutual love,  is nice and part of our body nature. Giving birth to and having childrens is something wonderful. 

I think that living eternally must be awfully boring. I would not like to be Adam in Eden like an animal in a zoo. As  it is told about in the Genesis Creation chapters 1-3, it is told for ignorant immature human beings,  like you tell a story about childhood for small childrens.

Gods Creation

I like much more the Creation story as it appears when you put all pieces together in the Quran.  And Gods creation is much more impressive than the creation of a statue with mud and some magics.

I want to tell a Creation story for grown up human beings in the second Millennium. Here it is:

The enlightened Genesis creation story

And I want to share what I know about good and bad sexuality, a knowlege I think every sane intelligent  human being should know:


Contact me if you have knowledges that you think improve our  view about the magnificent Creation of God.





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