Happy New Year

We observed human activities (canals) on Mars hundred years ago (Link) because of telescope light illusions. Galaxies did non exist (Link) in the human mind at that time but we knew about Nebulosae. The Universe as it was seen at that time, was limited to our Milky Way and there was no talk about Big Bang.

Today we estimate the existence of “more than one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe” and the most distant galaxy was found 2004 and is estimated to be 13 billion light-years away. “The object is being viewed at a time only 750 million years after the big bang, when the universe was barely 5 percent of its current age.” (Hubblesite)

We know that fotons are attracted by gravitation making it possible to see stars behind stars and galaxies behind galaxies. The Galaxy cluster Abell 2218, the galaxies seen at the center of the Hubble photo, act as a cosmical gravitational lense making it possible to see more distant galaxies, whose light because of the lense effect, is stretched out forming a circle. The vertical red line on the left is the farthest knows galaxy.

Farthest galaxy

Especcially tonight we may not think about it but we know that the stars and galaxies we’ll see are mostly not positioned as we see them. And many of the stars doesn’t exist any more. Does it matter anyway? Learn from the past, believe in the future. Enjoy this night!

Wie entstanden Weltall und Menschheit?

Willy Kinberg 2I have become very intrested in a book called “Wie entstanden Weltall und Menschheit?” published 1906 and written by my grandfather Willy Kinberg. As it was sold in 20000 copies in a few month (according to C.A. Claus, the German-Swedish translator) Willy decided to translate it to Swedish with the title “Världens och Människans Uppkomst“.

Willy Kinberg 1I have the Swedish book that Willy gave to his parents with the signature “Tillägnat Föräldrarna av förf. Freiburg den 28/11 1908″ (”Dedicated to the parents from the writer.”) the same year the book was published. This is of course a very special book not only because of the family story it holds but also because of its theme. The English title could be “The Creation of the World and Human kind“.

Creation has been a recurrent interest since I were eighteen year old. I found this book in the library of my father in Vienna, took it to Göteborg and then forgot it. This morning, almost two years later, I became really aware about the existence and value of this book. I wake up at five o’clock in the morning and couldn’t sleep anymore. My brain was cooking, I became obsessed about doing something with it. So at seven I went up looking for information about Willy on Internet, ordered the German translation on a second hand German bookshop and started reading the Swedish version of the book.