Clementina Forleo

The Italian Government crucifies magistrates

I have made some important link and fact adjustments, to this post.

The Magistrate Luigi de Magistris I have written about in previous posts, got a lot of support from another magistrate, Clementina Forleo, among others in two Anno Zero debates (4/10 and 25/10). Clementina Forleo got after these debates “the «Premio Borsellino per l’impegno sociale e civile», (Borsellino Prize for Social and Civic Commitment). (Link) Clementina is again paying for her sincerity and civil courage.

Clementina Forleo

The 73 year old Italian “Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, Delli Priscoli, has asked that disciplinary action be taken against her.” (Link) The incredible reasons are:

  1. She thinks her parents who died in a car accident, were actually killed. She is not allowed to help out on this track.
  2. She wanted to study telephone conversations between the main responsibles for the Banca Antonveneta Bancopoli case, Giovanni Consorte and Stefano Ricucci and the Parliament deputies Massimo D’Alema, Piero Fassino e Nicola Latorre (DS), Salvatore Cicu and Romano Comincioli (Forza Italia). (Link to italian Panorama article) regarding among other the . She is not allowed to investigate crimes among politicians.
  3. She said “It’s time to end it” to two policemen who had, in her opinion, “brutally thrown an immigrant to the ground”. It is not appropriate behaviour fora magistrate to criticize policemen behaviour.

clementinafaccisognareClementina Forleo was interrogated two days ago abour her testimonials about “institutional pressures” during her investigation work. (La Repubblica, 29/11 2007)
Massimo D’Alema said in La Repubblica, the 9:th november that he has never tried to stop Clementina Forleos investigations. This after the Magistrate was interrogated by the CSM 5/11. (Link)

Well, well… it’s maybe time for Beppe Grillo, Clementina Forleo and Luigi de Magistris to visit the European Court of Justice in Luxenbourg and then again Bruxelles, but this time OLAF, the European Antifraud Office.