The search of LUCA makes progresses.

IN I told about endosymbiosis, how a procaryote cell, engulfing a bactedia, became eucatyotic with mithocondria.

I have found two new articles about the building of the first cells, the so called primordial cell or the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA).

One theory is that complex molecules (aminoacids and others) came to earth from space and falling down with rain, accumulated in hot geiser areas where periods of wet and dry alternated. The high concentration of these molecules led to the forming of  more complex molecule chains. These scientists argue against the creation in the hydrothermal vent fields along the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge because the building molecule blocks are highly diluted in the Sea and therefore can never form complex structures.

One other theory,written about in the German GEO kompakt n 23 takes the hydrothermal vent theory a step further. Cells are built inside tiny pores, as show in ghis image.

Four types of primordial cells are created in these pores.






Internet and networking in Italy

The best connection in Lipari at the Aeolian Islands is given with he the Italian provider I discovered that stopped selling USB modems. They expect you to use a Pocket Hotspot 4G LTE (they call it saponetta, “Soap” in English) like this one I use…

Or you should to keep the Internet sim card in your  mobile phone and share your Internet with hotspot. Wind seems to think that this solution is practical. There is no problem to have mobile phone and Wifi pocket modem always with you whereever you are.

Houses with stone walls need stronger signals

Like many others in the Aeolian islands, I  live in a house with thick stone walls. In such houses,  the signal from the Wifi pocket modem or a hotspot doesn’t reach far away from te room where you have your Internet sim card. No only, the Internet signal in the house is normally best oustide the house or near a window in the right direction.

To have a good Internet in all rooms in my house, I choosed to have a Modem router like the



With it this router I can connect

  • my Western 600 GB Digital NAS
  • my external  Toshiba 500 GB hard drive.

But even this router doesnt penetrate meter thick stone walls. So I have to connect the router with ethernet cable to

  • a TP-link Wifi Booster, sending the wifi signal trough the electrical cables. See the white tools in the photo below.

This is my home office network setup, I hope to get working with a the  usb Huawei modem E3372 I ordered in

With this solution I an connect any device to Internet in any place in my house and I can access my NAS and HD whereever I am  I am also from  myt garage that is connected to the electrical network of the house thanks to the booster if….

… it wasnt that Wind for some reason doesnt want people to use Wifi usb modems anymore.

I am now doing my best to find a usb wifi router that is not locked. My Swedish tre usb router is looked and I do not want to pay 35 Euro to unlock a old device.

Huawei has several usb devices but the list of Dovado compatible devices has to be read at

Among these modems you have to check that they support the frequencies used by the providers.

All providers use either 800 or 2600 MHz in Europe.

About the frequences can be read at

I am looking now for a USB modem that is unlocked and support the European frequencies above.


I will try this one I bought on