Kumquat in brandy

I got a kumquat tree to my garden an d I decided to make my second Kumquat in brandy cook.  I had no brandy and money to buy it I spiced with with 99% alcohol I had it my home.

Inspired by the recipee at http://allrecipes.com.au/recipe/13971/brandied-cumquats.aspx

I did it this way:

This is my kumquat plant with ripe kumquats 
The tree had 580 gram kunquat fruits


I picked all the fruits with a fork to allow sugar and fruit liquid to move out and in


I let the fruits be in boiled water 1 minute to kill fungii spores No image with this fruit cleaning process.
I covered the fruits with water and boiled the fruits with 600 ml sugar 
The 600 ml sugar I made the firts boil with. I boiled the fruit  tender for 30 minutes.
After the first 30 min cook, I separated the tender fruits from the liquid.
I put the ligquid (it is very tasty) in a bottle to be placed in the refrigerator to be used later as a flavour in sprinkling water.
I prepared a syrup with 1 liter water and 1 kg sugar.
I covered the cooked fruits with the syrup I made and let the frutis cook for another 40 minutes.
I  cleaned 4 empty glass  containers,

added 2 spoons 99% alcohol in each one and closed the containers. 

The containers with the kunquat in alchol are kept for 2 weeks in room temp.  

Dry stone walls – Muro a secco

I learned many years ago how to make stone walls without changing the stones form with a hammer and not using cement. My teacher was Francesco from Lipari. I saw him making a stone wall one and  Half meter high. I asked him and he explained how to do it. I made a smaller low  wall, 1 m high with his advices and that wall remained intact for 30 years. 

I am now trying to make a stone wall again. The first part didnt beome so nice but I can walk on it.  I decided to make this wall longer but also a little bit more nice.

There are two principles Francesco adviced me to follow.

  1. Put heavy big stones at the bottom of the wall.
  2. All stone must be stabilized with smaller stones so they do not move.
  3. Make it a little bit inclined just a few degrees.
  4. Put smaller stone behind the wall. Never let earth touch the stones. I understand today that this must be done as the earth during rain season becomes wet, swell and press on the stones.
Francesco helped making a water tank 1975. 
Following my teacher Francescos advices the wall must have a small inclination and small stones behind. The inclination is especially important for higher walls.
I made This first part with small stones behind. I do not need it to be so high. I did not care to have it done stright. 
I removed all stones from the old wall to make a new one. I kplaced these over the first part of the wall.
I decided to have a blue rope to help me make the wall go in the right direction. I decided to have small stones on the bottom.
1The first stones have been layed out. I need to remove some earth behind those stones to get space for smaller stones.
This is my solution of keeping stones for future wall building. My dry stone wall is behind the potato land.