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Back in 1987 I created a very rudimentary flight simulator on a CP/M Microbee with Basic and got some positive feedback on the Swedish Microbee Club Newspaper. I never continued the work with that simulator.Ten years later I started again doing flight simulation, this time with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 97. During 2006 I dedicated a lot of time with 737 and Airbus Checklists, with FMC and I also bought and tried XPlane. In January 2007 I had to stop because of lack of time but now I am back again with FS9 and PMDG 737.

I prefer instrumental flights and love PMDG 737 or PSS Airbus, of course following checklists and programming flight management computers. I am mostly active in OVT (www.oriovirtualteam.it) and sometime in IVAO with ICAO I-LIPA.

After research and study of real checklists and a lot of tests in Flight Simulators, I have written a PSS Airbus 330-340 Guide and a PMDG 737 Guide. These are written in Italian but should be useful in FLSIM and if you want, easily translated to any language if you understand the English commands.

Cirrus is working with its new generation “The Jet“. They have done a flight demo video with XPlane.


Important Flight Sites: Stellan Hilmerby

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