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Kumquat in brandy

I got a kumquat tree to my garden an d I decided to make my second Kumquat in brandy cook.  I had no brandy and money to buy it I spiced with with 99% alcohol I had it my home.

Inspired by the recipee at

I did it this way:

This is my kumquat plant with ripe kumquats 
The tree had 580 gram kunquat fruits


I picked all the fruits with a fork to allow sugar and fruit liquid to move out and in


I let the fruits be in boiled water 1 minute to kill fungii spores No image with this fruit cleaning process.
I covered the fruits with water and boiled the fruits with 600 ml sugar 
The 600 ml sugar I made the firts boil with. I boiled the fruit  tender for 30 minutes.
After the first 30 min cook, I separated the tender fruits from the liquid.
I put the ligquid (it is very tasty) in a bottle to be placed in the refrigerator to be used later as a flavour in sprinkling water.
I prepared a syrup with 1 liter water and 1 kg sugar.
I covered the cooked fruits with the syrup I made and let the frutis cook for another 40 minutes.
I  cleaned 4 empty glass  containers,

added 2 spoons 99% alcohol in each one and closed the containers. 

The containers with the kunquat in alchol are kept for 2 weeks in room temp.  

Time to reap the basilica

We dont have that much heat and Sun here in Sweden to be able to have a lot of nice smelling basilica bushes. I were able to grow up two of them this spring and summer. They became relatively big. See below.

The sun has been shining and giving my Basilica groth and wealthy and beatiful smelling leaves.

I dedicate a part of  the song of the Sun by S Franciscus to this reap.

“Ad te solo, Altissimo, se konfano,
et nullu homo ène dignu te mentovare.
Laudato sie, mi’ Signore, cum tucte le tue creature,
spetialmente messor lo frate sole,
lo qual è iorno, et allumini noi per lui.”

( Source:  Cantico delle creature )

This is my second plant still soon to be reaped

Below is my first and biggest plant, half reaped. I decided to grind leaves with pinoli nuts and a little salt and frieze it into cubes. The cubes will be thawn, mixed with olive oil, parmesan and garlic when its time for dinner. I hope it will work out well and we will be able to enjoy the basilica.

A tasty tagliatelle with  nice smelling pesto