8 March 2017

Cosmic reason

“In the beginning was the word,

and the word was with God,

and the word was God”



John wrote the sentence above in Greek. The English translation “Word” from the Greek word “Logos” is misleading. (6)

The divine proportion, another sign of logos?

while I were preparing math lessons about decimal numbers for my pupils, I stumbled upon phi, the Golden ratio that may be a another of my signs of cosmic reason  (logos) I wote about in a previous article,

golden ratio

Easily explained, if the height is 1, the width is 1.618 (phi).

The golden mean 1.618 (called phi) pattern is frequently found in  nature.   Leonardo da Vinci called it the golden section and used in several paintings. phi (1.618) was called the divine proportion by Luca Pacioli (1) BACK IN 1509.

here are a few examples of Golden patterns.




This pattern is not only found in things we sse. Fibonacci found phi in the procreation of rabbits. (2)

As this decimal number appears to be used in many structures from flowers, seeds to galaxies. Some may think this is a sign of God, the divine creator.

The greeks said the the Golden mean was to be used to achieve buty like, when building temples.

I is also said the the Egyptians used phi when building the pyramids.


The Renaissance artists used the Golden Mean extensively in their paintings and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty. Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance, used it to define all the fundamental proportions of his painting of “The Last Supper,” (1)

If you want to know more about phi listen to Arthur benjamin inTeds  channel (3)

I have developed this topic furthere in the “Code of Life

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