21 August 2016

Willy Kinberg

Wie Entstanden Weltall und Menschheit?

“How was the world and human kind created?” is the title of a most ambitious book written by my grandfather Willy Kinberg and published in Stuttgart 1906 in German, Later translated into Swedish and published 1908 by . It was published 1906 in German and later in Swedish in 1908 by Aktiebolaget Hiertas Bokförlag. I have a Swedish and German translation dedicated by Willy to his parents.


My plan is to read this book, show intresting parts of it and talk about it here in this blog.

The pages on this site under “Life” is part of my project “How were the world and human kind created? – hundred years later”.

Research today

Science has made huge progresses during these last 100 years, we have ICT  tools, like search engines and internet, Scientists have also terrific new tools, like the Hubble telescope, gravitational wave observatories.

I have a completely different set of sources than my grandfather had. Willy made an impressive research, reading a lot of books and articles to be able to write his book.

My approach

My approach is not only Scientific. In my search of knowledge and understanding I rely also on non scientific sources, like religious sources,. I read in the Bible, in The Quran, the Zoroastrian Gathas and Bhagavad-Gita. I do this  especcially where Scientifically proven sources do not give me good answers.