unified creation theory


  1. The earth was a green house and  human body incubator.
  2. A homo sapiens hybrid was the best fitted body and a blanc slate
  3. One of these hybrids became a homo sapiens sapiens,  an image of God.
  4. Adam, the first prophet and homo sapiens sapiens
  5. Genesis and my theory
  6. The metaphores – I  am  the Alpha and the Omega


“The Grand Unified Theory is a vision of a physics theory that can combine three of the four fundamental forces into one single equation.” (http://wiki.c2.com/?GrandUnifiedTheory )

An unified creation  theory  is growing in my mind.

My grandfather asked in his book


I have a preliminary answer to the third question (Did Adam and Eva had ancestors?) .
It is a  a hypothesis of  a  unified creation  theory of mankind. 
Of course this hypothesis has to be  proven trashed or developed.  I try to trace the main pillars of this hypothesis

  1. The earth was a green house and  human body incubator.

Image result for incubatorpicture of a Chick bator incubator
(Image source: Amazon)

The Earth has for millions of years been an incubator and a greenhouse, where human bodies developed according to the Darwin Evolution theory (the survival of the fittest bodies) and in modern time, documented by the human evolution research.

2. A homo sapiens hybrid was the best fitted body and a blanc slate to be written on to become homo sapiens sapiens.

Probably the best fitted body was that of a Human hybrid, a mix of Homo sapiens coming from Africa and Neanderthal who was well adapted to life in colder climates with frequent lack of food. The oldest of  these hybrids remains were found in Israel. These hybrids  had a homo sapiens brain volume,  a blanc slate  ( https://archive.org/details/StevenPinkerBlankSlate ) ready to be written on….  divine knowledge and wisdom. This hybrid homosapiens beacame a homo sapiens sapiens whose descendants later spread all over the world. 

I recommend this book of Svante Päbo. It is written to be understood also for not not scientifically educated readers.

Image result for dvsnter päbo the neanderthals book

3. One of these hybrids became a human, a homo sapiens sapiens, an image of God.

I got this idea with this film were the soul of a wheelchair man was incarnated in a Navi body accostumed to the Pandora planet.


Adam, the first prophet and homo sapiens sapiens.

“Verily, the likeness of ‘Îsa (Jesus) before Allah is the likeness of Adam (Qu’ran 3:59)”

See citations in the Qu’ran

5. Adams soul was incarnated, manifested in a homo sapiens sapiens form

Adam with all the Godgiven knowledge after he disobeyed God (read more ) was sent to Earth, My actual hypothesis is that Adam was  incarnated in a human body and brain that was a blind slate (tabula rasa) ready to be written on, a body that was best fitted for life on Earth. Being so, Adam, the first Homo sapiens sapiens could share his wisdom to his descendants who of course also inherited Adams DNA, temperaments and talents.

Trying to integrate Moses Genesis into my theory.

The Bible Genesis, read literaly, makes it more difficult to accept with a scientific eye and approach.  It is no surprise that many US americans (more than 30%) do not believe in the Evolution theory (http://www.gallup.com/poll/210956/belief-creationist-view-humans-new-low.aspx) . 

When I read Moses Genesis I remind  myself that there is no morning or sunset  for a  God as God per definition is everywhere. The day of God is therefore not a human being day.  The Qu’ran is clear very about that. In the Bible you find clear indication of this in psalm 90:4
For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.
and in 1 Peter 3:8-9.
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

I would say that the Genesis day is metaphore of a time period understandable by humans of that time (When was Genesis written?).

The metaphores – I  am  the Alpha and the Omega (Rev 21:6)

God talked to us many times with metaphores. I love Jesus  metaphores in the Gospels. Human beings living  4000 years ago would never have understood a more complex description of the Creation like e.g that in the Qu’ran or what we can understand today. God could of course be more detailed 1500 years ago adding big numbers like 50 000 in the Qu’ran . Today he could maybe talk to us about billions of years and atoms and maybe a Big Bang.

Genesis tells that Adam was created with Earth. But what could  “Earth” be a metaphore for? A Evolution theory course pupil of mine thought that “earth” could be a metaphore for “minerals”.  Nothing more is said in Genesis how God made Adam out of earth. The Genesis text could maybe hide that God made man with  the evolution theory laws as we know them today and that  the Creation of Adam creation day took  millions of human years to finalize. 

We know today that Water, ammonia, methane, hydrogen gas, sulfure and phospor molecules, are the basic molecules to build sugar, aminoacid and nucleic acid molecules. But could God have told this to humans 4000 years ago? Of course not, so the metaphore “dust” was at that time the best explanation. Read more in http://www.kinberg.net/2018/01/03/search-luca-makes-progresses-2/#hydrothermal_pools