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We talk today about intelligent vehicles ,  cars that can drive alone like e.g. Tesla or alert you about dangers. We have also intelligent homes that call you and the firemen if there is smoke or the police if someone is in your home.
There would be no intelligent vehicles at Tesla without intelligent car engineers at Tesla. In the same way, there would be no smart solutions for homes being sold by e.g. dlink without intelligent engineers at DLink.

Knowing that intelligence includes the ability to learn and adapt to new situations,  the use of the adjective “intelligent” in “intelligent car” or “intelligent home”  is totally misleading.  Even if Artifical intelligence (AI) is planned for cars, there are today only tests being done  with robots with AI. 

When I talk about “intelligent Nature”, that doesn’t mean that Nature as a system is intelligent. It can also mean that there is a lot of intelligence in Nature.

So my first question is therefore…

Can we compare a car with AI  with nature?

A car is a assembly of different parts. We can not say that if a car has artificial  intelligence butilt in it  then all screws must be intelligent.  The same with nature. Even if nature has intelligent animals this doesn’t mean that all organisms are intelligent.  Being aware about that we can   can compare a car with AI with the nature as a system, like the biosphere, a biosphere we know includes among others a  ecosystem. I will look at the Biosphere in my article, when looking for intelligence in nature. 

Evaluating the intelligence of the Biosphere it is important to know about what makes a brain intelligent. In the brain we have different “areas that work together to give us intelligence.” (Source: )

So looking at the biosphere we have to study the different parts of the biosphere to see if these maybe together make the biosphere intelligent.

The issue “intelligent biosphere” is talked about by Drew Purves who present his conclusion about Nature and AI at

Would there be an intelligent Biosphere without a intelligent Creator?

Before I proceed with this question is it important that we define intelligence and Nature a little more in depth.

Definition of intelligence

According to 

the definition of intelligence is

the ability to learn or understand or to deal with or trying new situations

intelligence is also  in Christian Science the basic eternal quality of divine Mind”

According to  Drew Purves in his speech in all organisms in our biosphere have intelligence according to his definition in the screen below.
Is this leading to the concusion that biosphere is intelligent? or
is this a proof that there is a lot of intelligence in our biosphere?

definition of Nature

defines Nature like this:

  •  the inherent character or basic constitution of a person or thing”
  • creative and controlling force in the universe
  • an inner force (such as instinct, appetite, desire) or the sum of such forces in an individual

Mariam Webster does not mention  the Nature as it being discussed about as in this dialog:

Bill says: “Paul, you cannot say that mycelium is intelligent! You can’t say nature is intelligent.
Paul answers: Bill, I respect you, but you don’t realize the hypocrisy of the statement you’re giving me? You’re telling me nature is not intelligent and yet you are born of nature, using the mind to conceive the concept to challenge the idea that nature is not intelligent—when you are part of nature?”  (Source: )

My article should really be called “A intelligent biosphere” as it is this I put focus on here.

I will in this article focus finding answers to these two questions;
  1. Are there signs of a intelligent creator in the Biosphere?
  2. Has the biosphere ability to learn and adapt to new situations ?
 Is nature intelligent? 

This is a question of endless struggle. On the one hand, nature obviously produced us, and it becomes troubling to say “that which produced something as intelligent as us is itself not intelligent”. On the other hand, chance, probability, randomness, and singularities play a huge part in modern science, and to question that would surely invite ridicule.  (Source: )

Obviously you can not make this conclusion

Human being = intelligent 
Human being = nature
Nature = intelligent 

Signs of a intelligent creator in Nature (Biosphere)

A very observant friend of mine told me that Nature shows many signs to be build by intelligence, in this case a intelligent God. 

Here are a few of these examples.

  1. Many animals survive the winter deep down in holes. The trees loose their leaves during the winter not only to take care of the magnesiumin the clorophyll, but also to let the snow fall down and cover the ground avoiding the ground to freeze to deep and kill the animals hiding in it. And when there is no snow, the sunshine will heat up the ground. Te animals, mice andv insects that are up on the surface will find nutrition in the fallen leaves.
  2. Predators have the important function to keep arts from proliferating sickness and bad genes.
  3. With mutations there are probabilities that good characteristics may arise in a art.
  4. Bad characteristics are cleaned out by natures selectivity.
  5. As Giorando Bruno defined it 1599, all creatures have their role and significance.
  6. Some plants interact with bacteria to produce their own nitrogen fertilizer.
  7. When predators collaborate with their preys in Nature, as I wrote about in,  we learn to love our enemies.
  8. ALl organisms have some sort of intelligence ( Source: Drew Purves in his speech in )

Has the biosphere ability to learn?

I will try to answer this question looking at this similar question: 

Have bacteria ability to learn?

Noone would consider a bacteria intelligent. But we all know that  bacteria have developed resistance to antibiotics.  Knowing about the natural mechanisms behind this, we understand that bacteria didnt learn to defend themselves from medicines even if it may look like that. So no, bacteria have no ability to learn.  but through its frequent regeneration and mutations, bacteria have the possibility to adapt to new situations, that is the second definition of intelligence, adabtability. So if bacteria inherently are adabtive, may the biosphere as a system be adaptive too? I move onto this more specified question

Has the biosphere ability adapt to new situations ?

My answer is yes. Here is my motivation.

Looking at the human burning of carbon fossils, we have now effects  carbon cycle. 

Due to the greenhouse effect we have also effects on the water cycle,  with the melting of the Earth water reserves, the glaciers and with it the raise of sea levels. Earth has had very high levels of carbon dioxide once in a time.

With our carbon fossil burning, we are having our biosphere to adapt again to the previous ages of its development, e.g. the Cambrian era when the atmospheric carbon dioxide level was much higher. 

Story of adaptation

The whole history of our biosphere is a history of adaptation.

What parts of the biosphere are involved in this adaptation?

Trees and algae, an important part in adaptation

The trees and the algae in the oceans are the most important parts as these immediately proliferate taking care of the carbon dioxide surplus. 

Even if this is less important in this case, all cells have clocks built in to regulate their activity according to time of the day and the year.

Some even talk about intelligent trees as these talk to each other. (Source: )

Many humans will suffer and die but the Biosphere will adapt.

One could maybe say that the Biosphere adapt more easily than we human beings.

Cockroaches and insects are known to be more adaptive than most organisms. Cockroaches seem to be the organisms that may even survive a world nuclear war.

So if  adabtability is a definition of intelligence then cockroaches are more intelligent than we are.

.so therefore the conclusion, Nature or our biosphere does not need human made AI. We may instead need AI to become better “shepherds” on this earth.

We need to learn from Nature to develop AI. Like seems to be doing,


We have a intelligent Nature/biosphere as 

  • the Nature has a lot of inherent intelligence
  • the Nature has a high capacity to adapt to new situations.

We can not say however that the Nature or Biosphere as a system is able to learn even if many organisms in it are able to to do so.

Fighting homophobia

I knew tonight  at TGR Piemonte (News from Piemonte the Torino region

that the “homosexual meetings are suspended”.

I looked around to understand more about this.

It seems to handle about the suspension of the faith and mariage lessons for gays  led by Gianluca Carrega in Torino.

The motivation for this suspension is to make a “adeguato discernimento”. More is explained in 

a article that links to Amoris letitiae written by the pope Francesco

About the faith lessons led by Gianluca Carrega English at says this (my English translation from Italian):

“Faith lessons for gays led by the  Diocese of Turin.

Don Gianluca Carrega is the only priest in Italy to follow the homosexuals who have decided to have a civil mariage after the Italian Cirinnà law.

“Gay couples should  get out of hiding, be faithful to each other and love each other.”

The meaning of the work that Fr Gianluca Carrega has been carrying out in Turin for five years can be summarized in these terms.

Don Gialuca Carrega  is the only priest in Italy appointed by the diocese to follow the homosexual and lesbian people who, after the entry into force of the (civil mariage) Cirinnà law, have the right to have a civil mariage. For them, the Catholic Church does not have mariage preparation courses, as  other Churches in the Christian sphere have, as (the CAtholic Church) do not recognize the same sacredness to homosexual unions.

However, “we are interested – explains Fr Carrega – to continue their journey of faith and wonder what it means to share their lives in the light of the Gospel”. The principles that underlie a life of two homosexuals are the same as those of heterosexual couples, starting from fidelity, as a pact of mutual respect. No guilt, indeed “it is important that they have the awareness and the courage to make it explicit, starting from the their own family”.

The main problem for the homosexuals are the parents. The article continues:

“The parents

Punto dolens, in fact, are often parents. “It is not enough – the priest points out – to be believers to understand and welcome gay children. They too need to be accompanied on a path that makes them understand that they as parents are not facing a tragedy. During our meetings some agree to bring their testimony to other parents who are in a similar situation and who have difficulty accepting it ».  No guilt, therefore, and no theory of homosexuality or of lesbianism as a disease. I am not – Don Carrega is keen to point out – having  courses to redeem, in order to recover to a supposedly healthy normality, those who would have moved away from it. On the other hand, on this front the Catholic Church, which does not recognize civil unions as a true marriage, is not zero year. “Since 2005,” explained Don Caregga, “there was a focus on homosexual persons in the Pastoral Care for the Family, for which Fr Valer Danna was responsible. The only novelty is that for five years an ad hoc pastoral has been created. Loyalty is not the only aspect we face. Others concern relationships with others, within the family and in society. We care that everyone is aware of what is faith and that everyone does not lose faith “. Two spiritual retreats per year help in this sense, like the one scheduled for February 24th and 25th in an institute of nuns. A path, that of faith, which needs to be continually nourished and that is why “the church must welcome, listen, accompany”. t the question “After the courses these couples remain in the church, continue to attend their activities?  Gian-Luca answers: “Exactly like all other heterosexual couples. Proportionally, the percentage is equal “.

( Source in Italian at ) 

GianLuca Carrega has written several religious books.  The editor site says this about Gian-Luca Carrega:

“He was born in Turin in 1972. After classic high school (studying Greek and Latin) he studied  litterature and giudaic-ellenistic philology.
2000 he is priest at diocesi inTorino. After a few eyars in the Orbassano (church TO), he went to Rome to contiue his sacred scripture studies at Pontificio Istituto Biblico.
After 2006, he made a doctorate about the Gospels Siriac translations. he is now responsible  at pastorale della cultura dell’Arcidiocesi di Torino.”
  (  Italian source: )


About the ban on gay men from entering the seminary, introduced by Ratzinger in 2005 

“The Church … cannot admit to the seminary … those who practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called ‘gay culture,” it read. 

But some catholics are against this: “The idea that gays cannot be good priests is stupid, demeaning, unjust, and contrary to the facts, I know many very good priests who are gay, and I suspect even more good priests I know are gay.’ saysThomas Reese, Jesuit priest.

( Source:  )

Some would like to follow the  Bible deuteronomy 21:18-21 and similar texts about stoning: 

 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:

19 Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;

20 And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.

21 And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.”

Many Muslim fanatics have followed the Bible lapidation description strictly  with a homosexual or heterosexual men or women being in love with someone wihtout the permission of their parents.

How is it about Jesus “Love your enemie” ( matthew/5-44 ) and “throw the first stone who is without sin.” ( John/8-7 ) ? Are we not dealing with homophobic priests who tell us to love even our enemy but they themselves do something else in this case blowing oxygen on homophobia? ( https:// Matthew+23

I remember and love Jesus advice about the pharisees “obey everything they teach you, but don’t do as they do. After all, they say one thing and do something else. ” ( https:// Matthew+23 )